5 Email Marketing Examples That Will Rock Your World

5 Email Marketing Examples That Will Rock Your World

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Did you know that by 2023 it’s expected that there will be 4.3 billion email users in the world? Did you also realise that’s half the world’s population?

So, you’re considering developing an email marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin?

Keep reading, and we’ll present five of the best email marketing examples to inspire you.

What is Email Marketing?

Email is an essential part of everyday life for work, personal, and even shopping these days. Having an email marketing strategy is essential for your business’ success. Your email marketing strategy should complement your overall brand and mission.

It would be best if you weren’t spamming your recipients. Instead, it would help if you were informing or enticing them. Strong e-marketing includes but is not limited to:

  • A comprehensive email software
  • Personalized and descriptive copy
  • An enticing and applicable call-to-action
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly

The following examples cover various ways brands and companies have utilized different strategies to maintain successful email blasts.

 1) Charity: Water

Charity: Water is a great example of a progress update marketing e-blast. Their entire email marketing strategy is centered around gaining and maintaining donors through updates and success stories.

They send automated donation updates so donors can track where their impact is on the timeline for the projects. This is a great way to keep your audience interested.

2) Buzzfeed

We all know Buzzfeed for their captivating articles and online quizzes, well their e-newsletters are no different.

BuzzFeed’s e-newsletter always hits your inbox with catchy subject lines and enticing preview text that you can’t resist to click. For example, sometimes they’ll ask questions in the subject line and then start to answer it in the preview text.

3) The Skimm

The Skimm is on our list of email marketing examples because they are in your inbox five days a week.

The Skimm is a daily news newsletter that covers the top stories from all over. The thing that The Skimm does really well is celebrating its audience and then getting their readers to become their brand ambassadors. They celebrate your anniversary and encourage you to get your friends to join too.

4) Postmates

As if someone needs to encourage you to order Postmates more than you probably already do, Postmates crushes the email marketing game.

With eye-catching GIFs and sharing their new offerings, Postmates keeps their audience from unsubscribing by keeping things new and exciting. With a GIF to keep you reading and providing content, you’re interested in learning more about, and you’re sure to click through at least one link.

5) Function of Beauty

Finally, we have Function of Beauty. They are a prime example of impressive email marketing since their e-newsletters are as beautiful as they say their products are.

The design of your email marketing is essential to keep your audience from unsubscribing.

Function of Beauty plays with different formats like apology letters to your hair mixed with branded product photos. This grabs your attention, you immediately recognize what the product is, and you’re now interested.

What Did You Think of These Email Marketing Examples?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your potential audience where they already spend so much of their time, their inbox. These email marketing examples are only some of the ways you can make an impression through online marketing.

Are you ready to book a consultation to learn more about email marketing software and services?

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