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5 Tips on How to Speed Up a WordPress Website

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40% of small businesses don’t even have a website. If you’re aware of the current state of technology, you know this is a little bit surprising. Whether we want it to happen or not, there is now a need for businesses to have an online presence and a quality one at that.

A lot of small businesses use WordPress websites which is a great option. However, how do you take your website to the next level? One way to improve your site is by having a fast website. Read on to find out five ways to speed up WordPress.

1. Web Hosting Provider

The biggest factor that plays into your site’s speed is your WordPress hosting provider. Unfortunately shared “unlimited” web hosting services often fail to deliver in peak traffic hours. This is due to the overload of people trying to access the sites. The server simply can not handle that much attention.

You can actually buy a dedicated web hosting server for a fair price. On the downside, getting these set up can be a daunting task. This is why there are experts who can help you get these in place.

2. Web Image Sizes

You want there to be quality images on your site. This is one way that your audience will judge your site on professionalism and trustworthiness. The trick here is to get the images to the smallest size without compromising the quality.

Images have a lot to do with load time. Too many large images will leave you with a slow website. You can manually decrease the size of your images in Photoshop but this is a lengthy process. There are several plugins that will help you do this and save you time.

3. WordPress Theme

WordPress offers a variety of different themes and frameworks to use. Widgets, social icons, and so on can create large pages with a high load time. You can use lightweight themes such as the defaults to optimize your site speed. Fortunately, less can be more when it comes to creating a site. Too much flashy imagery and content can overload and confuse a potential customer.

4. Content Delivery Networks

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) keeps a copy of your website in different data centres. This is beneficial because there are many different people who are trying to access your site. When they try to do so, they will have access to the closest copy which overall reduces their wait time.

5. Disable Plugins

Similar to the cluttered themes, you should also reduce your use of plugins as you can. There may be several unused plugins that you can disable or uninstall. Third-party service providers also give you the ability to do this without compromising the functionality of your site.

How to Speed Up WordPress

A quick website is important when garnering more traffic to your site. With these tips, you can speed up WordPress and improve your site for potential customers.

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