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6 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Website Security Up-to-Date

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Even a small lapse in software updates can cause major issues when it comes to website security. Here's what you risk if you don't keep your site current.

51% of organizations experienced a ransomware attack that led to a partial disruption of business, a 2020 State of Email Security report said. Not only that, but these attacks hit the US and UK the worst. 

If you were thinking the online world is safer and turning your consciousness into AI is the best option out there, think again. 

Either way, if you have a business you must have a website (we certainly hope so), and thus, website security should become a top priority for you. Read on to see 6 reasons why is website security so important. 


1. Google Can Blacklist You if Your Website Security Isn't Great


You might be iffy about Google – most people are. But if you want to remain in Google’s good books and remember that 90% or more of your organic traffic comes from search engines, then website security has to be a given.

The better your website security, the better your reputation with search engines. It’s as simple as that.


2. Website Security Is Necessary To Protect Against Hacking


Hackers are always looking for easy targets and if your website security is down, then it will be targeted by malicious individuals looking for a bit of fun.

Makes you wonder why they couldn’t just learn the art of flower arrangement or Aikido. 

Don’t let hackers get at your valuable website. They could do all sorts of things to it, which are all undesirable and unwanted. 


3. Proper Website Security Protects Your Customer Data


If you sell items through your website, or if you store your customer’s information through cookies on your website, then any sort of website vulnerability will result in a breach of customer data. 

Horrors! Those two words, customer and security breach should never go together. 


4. If Your Website Gets Hacked, It Could Result in Downtime Losses


Of course, the main point of having a website is to increase and improve your bottom line. Show me the money!!

Any time your website is down, you’re losing hundreds or thousands of dollars of actual monies, but also reputation, employee time, organic search results, and more. It’s a huge drain on your resources.

Nix that by focusing on your website security.


5. Your Reputation Is at Stake Here - Build Trust in Your Company


As with everything online, a website security breach will be common knowledge for years to come. The Internet is like an elephant, it never forgets. 

To keep your company’s reputation crystal clear and hacker-proof, make website security a priority today.


6. Website Security Helps Avoid Spoofing


Spoofing is when someone imitates your website so that customers coming to your website give them their information. Yikes! It isn’t just a simple April Fool’s joke anymore.

Not only does proper website security help keep your customer information safe from hackers, but also spoofers. 


Why Is Website Security So Important?


The six reasons above should have convinced you about the importance of website security. There’s a very good reason why companies around the world spend thousands of dollars to keep their websites safe from hackers.

If you don’t know anything about website security and want to hire someone to take care of the dirty details for you, then check out RCS Digital.

They will be able to take the worry and burden of website security off your shoulders today. And make you laugh in the process. Everyone needs more humor in their life, right?!


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