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About Us

RCS Digital was born out of the desire to provide effective digital marketing services to businesses wanting to drive sales, grow their customer base, build their brands and enhance their digital footprint – at an affordable price.
Our company was established in 2007 and under the guiding hand of founder Robert Corse-Scott, after a long career in hospitality. With so much experience taking care of people’s needs, Rob has been perfectly placed since the company started to transfer this knowledge into the digital marketing space.
Since then Rob has become a pro at understanding the frustrations experienced by Australian businesses and an expert at implementing that knowledge to help them manage their projects better and grow their businesses in the process. RCS Digital continue to enjoy a favourable reputation as one of the Central Coast’s leading online marketing service providers.
We understand that when it comes to online marketing there are many challenges that businesses have to address or needs that have to be met. The owner of an e-Commerce website, for example, would need to populate their shopping cart with engaging product descriptions, a tradie wanting to build industry authority may need to establish a blog and invest in content creation and an established clothing label may want a more professional approach to building their brand through social media marketing.

Multi-faceted all-embracing digital marketing services​

We offer a wide spectrum of specialist services that can be tailored to specific individual business goals and requirements. Through our cutting-edge approach to digital marketing, our clients have enjoyed an improved ROI in an impressive amount of time. Our highly experienced and professionally trained specialists are experts in the myriad range of online marketing services:
  • Website optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (Adwords and PPC)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook)
  • Email marketing
  • Content creation
  • Customised website design

Our mission is to help your business stay ahead of the competition

Our firm focus on providing our business clients with a sterling customer support service means that all of our staff are thoroughly committed to service excellence. At RCS Websites we prioritise efficient services and responsive support.
In order to guarantee the results, we ensure that your digital marketing goals benefit from our creative ideas, our innovative design concepts and the world’s latest technological advancements and sophisticated software applications.
RCS Websites is located on the Central Coast of NSW. Our convenient location is easily accessible from Hunter Valley, Gosford, Newcastle and Sydney.
Need a professional consultation on website optimisation or a website designed from scratch? Get in touch with us today and receive a free website audit.
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Director or RCS Digital. Rob Corse-Scott

Web design & Develpoment 80%
SEO, Online Marketing & Advertising Management 90%
Social Media Management 70%

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