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Tips for website terms of use

When you publish a website it is important to ensure you provide visitors to your site with “terms of use”. Even if all you are doing is providing them with information, the terms will set out how they can and cannot use content. They will cover the ownership of your intellectual property; your trademarks, copyright in your material etc, and will limit your liability if something goes wrong.


Why should I choose WooCommerce for my Shopping Cart?

WooCommerce provides a very simple, easy and effective e-commerce platform which creates shopping cart integration with a WordPress website. It powers 37% of all shopping stores.


WooCommerce will grow with you from selling one product to thousands. Unlike other cloud shopping cart solutions you will have full access to the source code of your website. You are not limited to what can be coded on your site if you need additional functionality as your business grows. You can also move your site to another hosting platform if you wish in the future and take all your data with you easily. You might not realise it yet but this is a huge factor in why choosing WordPress and WooCommerce is a smart move.


Advantages of Having a Good Content Creation Strategy

People know how to research online first!

People are smart; they know how to research what they want before they start looking to buy. Firstly, they will study online or become aware of a product on social media or another channel.  When they are ready to buy, this is when they will find a discount or deal before they purchase. At the buying stage, content writers should be using buying keywords on your website deals or product pages. Its simple really but without quality content that is educational on your products and service pages with targeted voice search terms along with long tail search terms you will miss out on a lot of traffic and potential customers before people start looking to buy. Remarketing is then an option to gain a future purchase. At the beginning of the sales cycle, you are only educating them with quality content. Sales come later unless your offer is too good to refuse.

He’s the point I am making. Don’t just create product and service pages on your website. Come up with a content marketing strategy to educate people on your products and rank for hundreds if not thousands of keywords over time. Organic traffic converts so start writing.

Good content creation will help with many different types of content marketing. Online marketing also plays a vital role to maximise traffic, supports engagement with clients and builds brand reputation. It is necessary to have content that best fits your website message and strategy. In order to get benefits and advertise this new content, it must be high quality and interesting to the reader. Create original content not copied with strong headlines users will read with actionable, accurate information. Provide answers to questions and communicate well with images and video, it also helps to write short and bullet point.

TIP: Adding a “frequently asked questions” page to your website with conversation questions and answers will also help with voice-related search terms which are on the rise with people using Siri, Cortana, Google Chrome extensions etc.  More on voice search later but for now add some frequently asked questions to your website.

Benefits of a blog

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to advertise products or services online. With quality content, it will be easier to get traffic from search engines. Each post that you make on the blog is indexed by the search engines and ranked by the keywords that you included. When a visitor reads your post on Google or Facebook they can share this content with others. If the content is considered good enough it can be shared multiple times on social media. Users can also share this content from your website with a plugin installed and also like your Facebook page. Facebook users often tag friends to view new content and these people could then become your new customers.

multistore solutions wordpress

Manage your products across multi store websites

Now there’s a time saving idea. Managing all your products from one central location. How do we do it? Integration of WordPress and other software is a great time saving idea but we also take this a step further. So many businesses are managing thousands of products across multiple website stores and wasting so much time logging into each one individually to make basic updates or assigning products. If this sounds like your business talk to us today about the options available to you. By working on one dedicated server we can integrate all your products, accounting software and CRM from one location and one login.

Xero integration with WooCommerce

Integrated Xero Solution For WooCommerce

WordPress is so much more than just a powerful website content management system or CMS. WordPress can also integrate with your CRM and Accounting software like Xero. Integration with Xero means any orders taken on your WooCommerce shopping cart will sync with Xero saving admin time for your office staff. WooCommerce is a favored online store solution for WordPress and with good reason. Its easy to learn and update your own products and very simply integrates with popular software like Paypal and Mailchimp. In fact hundreds of integration plugins are available for WooCommerce.

What assets do you really own online?

Besides your website content and email database everything else can change overnight.

Google can and does change its algorithm often. Facebook changed the way it provided an ad free social platform overnight. They almost stopped showing business pages and brought in a paid advertising model. Yes the advertising platforms works very well but here is my point.

Website upgrades

Need a website upgrade? 6 tips

If your website is in need of an upgrade, basically there are several mistakes that you could potentially make. So, I have compiled some website upgrade tips to help you with ensuring that you don’t make any of those mistakes and that your website gets off on the right foot.

Needless to say, your goal is probably surpassing your competition, outranking them in the search engines, building an exceptional website, or all of the above. That’s why you need to take these tips under consideration. If you were to go to an agency for this purpose, they would probably only be focusing on their specialised area of expertise, whether it’s SEO, graphics or whatever, but you need every area of your website to work properly. We will go into this further in three major areas, which are the CMS or system that you are using, your website design, and its content. Following that, we will then provide a few marketing tips that work well in unison with all of these areas.

Keyword research

Keyword research and gaining a sale or lead from your website

Some golden rules of building a website are keyword research, competitor analysis and constant optimising for better conversion rates. Conversion optimisation looks at the customer’s benefit and offers related headlines, action buttons, images, site speed and lots more. A set and forget approach is very unlikely to work if you want to improve your organic search results. Keywords are also still important on your website to rank naturally, however, advertising agencies use lots of different techniques now to get more visitors to your website such as social media and pay per click.

local seo and brand awareness

Quick Tips For Your Local SEO and Brand Awareness

Local seo or local search engine optimisation is one way of reaching out to your local customers, especially if you are targeting a specific geographical location. Your local search engine optimisation strategy can either make or break your local business. Every business needs a Google Business account and verified address. Facebook also has a great method of boosting your business locally by putting your ads in front of the perfect customer interests at very reasonable rates. These Facebook Ads can also include boosting events, gaining more local followers along with brand awareness. Facebook has lots of great advertising tricks that are worth learning about.

Here are some quick tips to get you started with local SEO:


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