Branding basics and the importance of branding your business well

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Australia is a nation of entrepreneurs, and thanks to the growth of the internet and it’s reach, there’s nothing stopping your business from expanding into a global powerhouse, offering your products and services all over the world.

If you’re a newly established business, you are probably focused on establishing your current and future success by creating a strong financial plan, sound infrastructure and good supplier relationships. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having strong branding.

When many people think of a brand they think of visual elements such as a logo or website. While this is an important part of branding, it would be more accurate to say that branding encompasses every point where an outside party interacts with your business.

Having a brand has many distinct advantages for small businesses:

  • It creates an overall package and experience that others can instantly identify and differentiate from competitors, highlighting what you offer that many don’t.
  • It creates something that customers, suppliers and business partners can place their trust in. A brand is something that employees can buy into, and feel part of, which can improve morale and productivity.
  • It also creates something that can be referred to when existing clients mention your business to others. After all, it’s hard to recommend a brand to someone if you can’t tell them apart from the rest.

At RCS Websites, we believe in helping our clients achieve all these above-mentioned branding objectives to help their businesses realise their returns. The reason why smaller businesses can benefit so much from great branding is that it’s easily scalable.

By working with us, any one from garage start-ups to the more established businesses can make an investment in their branding and build it up over time. Depending on your business and it’s needs, we can offer a unique combination of branding elements that will help meet your branding objectives.

Working with a branding expert is the best way to get started on your journey to success. We explain the reason for all our branding plans for your business, and what to expect in terms of your branding project’s timeline, element creation, and why we choose certain approaches. Contact us today for more information about our branding products, or want to find out how your business can benefit from better branding.

The Visual Part Of Branding

One of the most import parts of branding are the visuals such as graphics and imagery. Visuals along with quality content explaining or describing your products or services should be awesome. A nice looking graphic on social media is more likely to get clicked on to read more on your website. Once a user has visited your website this is then the starting point to gaining a new customer. A quality website created with conversion optimisation in mind including lead magnets is more likely to get a sale or enquiry and even if you don’t get the sale straight away and the visitor leaves we can then re-target. Once a person has visited your website we can then remarket them with ads on Facebook and Google to get them back again. Visuals such as banner ads with offers and deals or a product special can then gain a sale.

Hire a part time graphic designer

A graphic designer working for you part time will provide everything you need to look professional and give you an edge over your competitors. From Facebook boosted posts to banner ad creation for Google and your website landing pages.

From $150 per month you can get the following provided:

  1. Your latest offers, deals, news or specials designed as a banner which goes onto your website and social media.
  2. A mock-up or improved design or your website landing page.
  3. Google ads for remarketing with a coupon code or specific message such as free shipping.
  4.  A banner for your Facebook posts that are not stock standard and branded to your business.

How to works:

  1. Each month you tell us whats on offer or on special. New or updated website content, website pages etc can be included.
  2. We share a file with you for collaboration between the client, graphic designer and website developer. This file is used to collaborate and your approval is required for all visuals before they are posted out.

Hire a personal graphic designer

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