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Why Your Business Might Need A Social Media Audit

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Leveraging the power of social media for your business can be a great way to get it noticed, but like most things, it is easy to use, but difficult to master. If you find that you’re struggling to get the return on your social media investment, an audit might just be the perfect step to turn things around. Here are some reasons why you should consider a social media audit.

What does a social media audit include?

In short, a social media audit takes a look at the benchmarks that you’ve put in place, and how well your platforms are performing in regard to those targets. An audit will also look at how your competition is faring, and how well your activity is measuring up to theirs.

More specifically, an audit will also be able to tell you the following:

  • On which social media platforms your target audiences are the most active
  • If you targeting the right audience on your platform
  • Which platforms are giving you the best engagement and traffic to your site.
  • Which platforms require the most social media management
  • Whether your platforms are optimised

More than just the facts

The above is just the first step in your audit. A comprehensive audit will take its findings, and measure it against your social media, and digital marketing strategies, and see if there are synergies, or disconnects that are hampering your growth.

The audit should also propose changes you can make that will help realign your strategy with your social media output, and propose clear steps you can take to do so. These steps should also be aimed at helping your platforms work together to present your brand in a consistent and effective way.

Finally, a comprehensive audit should also show you what your future social media strategy can and should implement. The digital world is one of change, and one of the best ways to keep growing, is to ensure that your social media strategy is geared to adapt to change.

If you are struggling with your social media performance, and want expert help in getting you back on track, and ready to grow your following, contact us today.

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