Businesses are gearing up. 7 ideas to help your business in trying times

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Businesses are now getting READY! Once this pandemic is over, business owners are going to begin protecting their businesses more and diversify with alternative business services. Your competition will be improving their systems and so should you. It’s time to think outside the box and expand.
7 ideas to help get on top of things now before we all go back to business

Google Services

With everyone working from home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with staff.  Google will help you to collaborate with those staff working from home, from emails to file storage/sharing, business tools, Google Ads, Analytics and more!

If you would like to know more about how we can help you in this area visit this link: https://rcsdigital.com.au/google-services/

Online Meetings

There is a ton of online meeting software available these days. Online Zoom meetings have become increasingly popular over the years, and they can save you money and loads of time. The time spent going to and from meetings is a big time waster when you can do them online much more efficiently. 1. https://www.cleverism.com/time-spent-in-meetings/

Create Content

Coming up with ideas for content is generally an issue for people. They don’t have enough hours in the day! Well, now you DO have that time. Start writing about what you offer. Start taking more care with what you write. Inform your customers more about what you offer. Improve your product and service descriptions on your website. Fix those silly spelling mistakes and grammar. You could even improve your images and videos or maybe even start recording videos for your business website, social media and google ads. Content is crucial for your business! So, make it happen and you will start ranking a lot better and will now have SHAREABLE content!

Setup a Shopping Cart

Set up the shopping cart on your website! Now is the perfect time to do it! There are no more excuses. They are inexpensive to set up and will allow you to offer deliveries on products and services without high-cost fees. The only expense is content creation; however, in quiet times, you can do that work yourself!

We are currently setting up training videos on this topic. These videos will be completely free! If you use WordPress, we are offering half-priced DIY shopping carts or we can do it for you. Just get in touch and make it happen! https://rcsdigital.com.au/shopping-carts/

Improve your Google rankings

Have you got any idea how well you are going against your competitors on Google rankings? No? Well, get a report done today so that you can do something to improve it if need be. Your competitors could be doing everything in their power to improve their Google ranking so that they can grow organically. But are you?

For the next month, we will be offering half-price SEO services to help you to understand what is going wrong, research your competition, the tools that you can use and tips and tricks on how to improve some things.


Creatives and Graphics

Are feeling like your creatives and graphics are lacking? Well, now is the perfect time to improve the look and style of your business. Just a few changes to the creatives and branding of your business can make a huge difference.


Website performance

Now is the perfect time to find out if any changes are needed to your website in regards to speed, mobile compatibility and coding. There are loads of services out there which supply websites very cheaply. However, many of them have been poorly coded and are going to struggle forever.

At the moment, we are offering free sample reports on how your website is going. These reports will be forwarded straight to your email so that you can get your current developer to have a look and see what they can do to fix it.

Get in touch to order your report – https://rcsdigital.com.au/contact/.

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