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Why CRM Software Is So Beneficial

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Why CRM Software Is So Beneficial TRACKING CONTACTS AND LEADS Your relationship with your customers is critical—and your customers themselves are the ones with the critical eye. According to a study by Microsoft, customers in 2018 had higher expectations for customer service than they had the year before. That’s why your CRM software is so important. When it comes to customer relationship management, nothing can help you track contacts, leads, and opportunities so effectively. Here are a few reasons your company should consider CRM for small businesses. Seamless Data Consolidation One of the biggest advantages of CRM software for small businesses is that all your customers’ information can be stored in one location. This means that anyone within any team in your company can see every detail they need with just a few clicks in a single platform. This ensures a seamless connection between your marketing, sales, and customer support teams. The best CRM software will include a huge variety of information available on any device, allowing your team to access it no matter where they are. This customer info can include the following and […]

How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

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How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy Australian businesses spent nearly $10 billion on digital advertising last year. With so many platforms to advertise on, it’s no surprise that companies are focusing on marketing online. However, it doesn’t matter how much a business spends. If their ads don’t deliver the right information to the right customers, then it’s practically useless. That’s where a good content marketing strategy comes into play. This is a marketing tactic that, put simply, generates interest in a product without directly promoting a brand. Are you interested in creating a content marketing plan to grow your business? Keep reading for an extensive content marketing outline to help boost your sales.

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Advantages Of Having A Good Content Creation Strategy

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Advantages Of Having A Good Content Creation Strategy People know how to research online first! People are smart; they know how to research what they want before they start looking to buy. Firstly, they will study online or become aware of a product on social media or another channel.  When they are ready to buy, this is when they will find a discount or deal before they purchase. At the buying stage, content writers should be using buying keywords on your website deals or product pages. It’s simple really but without quality content that is educational on your products and service pages with targeted voice search terms along with long-tail search terms you will miss out on a lot of traffic and potential customers before people start looking to buy. Remarketing is then an option to gain a future purchase. At the beginning of the sales cycle, you are only educating them with quality content. Sales come later unless your offer is too good to refuse. He’s the point I am making. Don’t just create product and service pages on your website. Come up with […]

What Is Video Marketing for Business and How Do I Do It? - fdef3e22 video marketing for business

What Is Video Marketing for Business and How Do I Do It?

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Do you want to find a new way to engage visitors on your website and social profiles? Are you interested in finding different ways to advertise your products and services? Could your content marketing plan use something new to spice things up? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you need video marketing for business. It’s estimated that 78% of people watch video content online every week and that 72% of people like looking at videos to learn more about businesses. Video marketing for businesses involves the use of videos for marketing and branding purposes. Thanks to modern technology it’s easier than ever for businesses to make videos. Camera phones and free editing tools are simple enough to use that anyone can make quality videos. Do you want to start doing video content marketing for your business? Follow these tips so you can start making engaging video content today!

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5 Benefits of Video Marketing

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As the old saying goes, content is king. While that’s still true, in 2020, video is queen. After all, 72% of customers say they’d prefer to learn about a product or service via video compared to other methods. If you’re not actively incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out connecting with a significant portion of your target audience. So, what are some of the main benefits of video marketing? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn why video marketing is key to your success. 1. Video Helps Improve SEO Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a behind-the-scenes method of making sure your content can be found online. While Google is the biggest overall search engine in the world, YouTube is the second largest. So, when you start incorporating video marketing into your digital strategy, Google and YouTube will notice. For instance, let’s say you’re a roofing company and you create a video about signs that a roof needs to be replaced. Eventually, if someone does an online search for the phrase “when does my roof need to be replaced?” your video could show up in their […]