Increase Instagram Followers

9 Easy Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021

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9 Easy Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2021 You’ve created a brand and you’re ready to make a splash on Instagram. If you’re new to the platform, building a presence from scratch can feel daunting. What types of posts will perform well? How can you reach the right audience and gain new followers? Luckily, there are many simple ways to boost your engagement and leverage your brand online. In this article, we’ll discuss nine tricks you can use to increase Instagram followers in 2021.


5 Benefits of Online Marketing for Your Tradie Business

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5 Benefits of Online Marketing for Your Tradie Business Every tradie business needs to start with a basic business plan. This means that if you are a plumber, construction, or some other trade, you need a business plan that is going to guide you. A business plan can help you figure the financials and especially the marketing side of your business. The marketing side is especially important because there are so many ways to promote your business online. You can use social media to email marketing to connect and communicate with your target market. If you’re hesitant about the benefits of online marketing for your tradie business, here are 5 benefits to consider that prove how valuable online marketing is for your business.   1. Connect With Your Target Market One of the best benefits of having a website, social media presence, email marketing, or some other digital marketing presence is that you are connecting with your target market. You are connecting with them on social media and attracting them to your website. This helps you forge a relationship with your target market and build […]

Customer Touchpoints Examples

All About Touchpoints – 44 Touchpoint Examples

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All About Touchpoints – 44 Touchpoint Examples For Your Business What is a touchpoint and why are they so important? A touchpoint is anyway a potential customer can interact with your business. This could be through word-of-mouth, social media, a website, a flyer etc. The list goes on, and at every step, you need your business well branded with quality graphics, quality content and language that your audience will resonate with. You need to be an authority in your industry. Google will rank you better, and sales will start to really roll in.A list of over 40 possible touchpoints you can use in your business is available below. Many retail companies, however, follow a different set of rules. They use the theory of scarcity marketing. This is what drives desire, brand power – and with it the entire luxury proposition outside the band of rationality. Platforms such as eBay and Amazon have been popular because people think they are going to miss out so will act fast. Scarcity is also paramount for luxury brands because, at the root of the very notion of luxury, supply […]

AdWords Campaign

Successful Google Adwords Campaign: The Must-Have Features

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Successful Google Adwords Campaign: The Must-Have Features   Google AdWords is a terrifying platform. Misuse it, and you’d be better off throwing money in the bin and yelling “work, Google, work!” Of course, you don’t want that. You want your ads served to qualified leads that convert, that drive revenue to your business. A winning AdWords campaign requires planning, and in this article, we’ll show you the necessary features of a successful campaign. Know Your Targets and Goals This might seem like Marketing 101, but a great Google AdWords campaign demands knowing your targets and your goals. Who is your audience, and what do you want them to do? Building a target audience starts with a customer profile. You need to know their likes and dislikes, what they are searching for, and how they need help. This will help you build a strong pool of keywords related to your business. Think “user intent.” What does your ideal customer look like and look for when soliciting your business? Whilst developing a keyword pool, pick from the full spectrum—broad to focused. Get exact matches, phrase matches, and broad matches […]

CRM Software

Why CRM Software Is So Beneficial

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Why CRM Software Is So Beneficial TRACKING CONTACTS AND LEADS Your relationship with your customers is critical—and your customers themselves are the ones with the critical eye. According to a study by Microsoft, customers in 2018 had higher expectations for customer service than they had the year before. That’s why your CRM software is so important. When it comes to customer relationship management, nothing can help you track contacts, leads, and opportunities so effectively. Here are a few reasons your company should consider CRM for small businesses. Seamless Data Consolidation One of the biggest advantages of CRM software for small businesses is that all your customers’ information can be stored in one location. This means that anyone within any team in your company can see every detail they need with just a few clicks in a single platform. This ensures a seamless connection between your marketing, sales, and customer support teams. The best CRM software will include a huge variety of information available on any device, allowing your team to access it no matter where they are. This customer info can include the following and […]