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Advantages Of Having A Good Content Creation Strategy

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Advantages Of Having A Good Content Creation Strategy

People know how to research online first!

People are smart; they know how to research what they want before they start looking to buy. Firstly, they will study online or become aware of a product on social media or another channel.  When they are ready to buy, this is when they will find a discount or deal before they purchase. At the buying stage, content writers should be using buying keywords on your website deals or product pages. It’s simple really but without quality content that is educational on your products and service pages with targeted voice search terms along with long-tail search terms you will miss out on a lot of traffic and potential customers before people start looking to buy. Remarketing is then an option to gain a future purchase. At the beginning of the sales cycle, you are only educating them with quality content. Sales come later unless your offer is too good to refuse.

He’s the point I am making. Don’t just create product and service pages on your website. Come up with a content marketing strategy to educate people on your products and rank for hundreds if not thousands of keywords over time. Organic traffic converts so start writing.

Good content creation will help with many different types of content marketing. Online marketing also plays a vital role to maximise traffic, supports engagement with clients and builds brand reputation. It is necessary to have content that best fits your website message and strategy. In order to get benefits and advertise this new content, it must be high quality and interesting to the reader. Create original content not copied with strong headlines users will read with actionable, accurate information. Provide answers to questions and communicate well with images and video, it also helps to write short and bullet point.

TIP: Adding a “frequently asked questions” page to your website with conversation questions and answers will also help with voice-related search terms which are on the rise with people using Siri, Cortana, Google Chrome extensions etc.  More on voice search later but for now add some frequently asked questions to your website.

Benefits of a blog

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to advertise products or services online. With quality content, it will be easier to get traffic from search engines. Each post that you make on the blog is indexed by the search engines and ranked by the keywords that you included. When a visitor reads your post on Google or Facebook they can share this content with others. If the content is considered good enough it can be shared multiple times on social media. Users can also share this content from your website with a plugin installed and also like your Facebook page. Facebook users often tag friends to view new content and these people could then become your new customers.

Blogging will help your content reach the target audience and is a great way to answer questions over the internet. If you provide quality content you can be considered an authority on your product range, service or niche subject.

The content on a blog can also be used to bring in new leads. You will need keyword phrases to rank naturally or use paid advertising methods, a headline for each post, benefits or bullet points, special offers, discounts or added value, and a call to action for the reader.  If you put an expiration date on some of the offers and discounts readers will not want to miss out on the deal and are more likely to buy. The timeout method is how eBay works and Scarcity is a great WordPress plugin which adds a timer to your webpages.

Linking a blog to a social media page will make it easier to be discovered online naturally.
When combined with social media marketing it makes it much easier for a business to gain exposure online. It means that you and your blog visitors can share interesting new content in all the big social networks.

Rank for long-tail keywords

The more you post on your website or improve your current website page contains the more opportunity there is to feature for long-tail keywords. These are more general conversational words and content with long-tail keywords can rank well in results for a specific query entered into a search engine. However, this does depend on how competitive the market or industry you are targeting.

Tip: Do not flood your pages with keywords. Search engines will focus on the quality of the content. Customers want to see a page with quality content, offers or helpful information. The customer is the one visiting the site, not the search engine.


Product and service descriptions

At RCS Websites we recommended that you provide your customers with a detailed description of your products and services. This will also help your site rank for more phrases naturally. You should also use a variety of keyword phrases on your product pages to help improve the content creation process.


Here are a few examples

  1. Product title (The title of your product page is very important)
  2. Product description (300-1000 minimum)
  3. Bullet point the key features and benefits of the product or service
  4. Add relevant images to the page to make it exciting and nice to read
  5. Include a video in the article if you can.
  6. Add an offer in the headline of the page
  7. Add an enquiry button, add to cart button, Facebook like box or newsletter subscriptions
  8. Include a testimonial

Creating new or improved content will improve your brand awareness and will help you reach your target audience. The content should be well written and structured. This will make for a better customer experience and improve ranking on Google and Facebook pages including pay per click campaigns by creating more relevant ads which are cheaper to run. We are able to do this by setting up separate ad groups for each product or service category. This strategy will make the product page, ad and keyword relevant to what people are searching. This may sound a little bit confusing but is a great way to get more traffic to reach your site and is more likely to convert. Remarketing can also be used to target these visitors overtime who have not made a decision yet, however, are interested in your service.

Where to post new content?

A good place to start is your website, from here the simplest way is to share your new web page to sites like Facebook, Instagram Google Plus, Linkedin and more. We also recommend sending a newsletter to your database with your new content. Include an offer or special if you can which will help to entice a new lead, enquiry or sale. These are the first basic steps to take in marketing your content for free.

There are also more advanced ways to market your content which include sponsored links on Facebook and other forms of pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords and Remarketing.

For more information, a free website audit or consultation please talk to us about your online marketing strategy.

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