How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

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Australian businesses spent nearly $10 billion on digital advertising last year. With so many platforms to advertise on, it’s no surprise that companies are focusing on marketing online.

However, it doesn’t matter how much a business spends. If their ads don’t deliver the right information to the right customers, then it’s practically useless.

That’s where a good content marketing strategy comes into play. This is a marketing tactic that, put simply, generates interest in a product without directly promoting a brand.

Are you interested in creating a content marketing plan to grow your business? Keep reading for an extensive content marketing outline to help boost your sales.

Content Marketing Overview

First, we’ll give you an overview of what content marketing actually is. Many of the big brands you see today use content marketing to gather loyal customers, especially in social media marketing.

The biggest key to content marketing is in its name. You have to put out frequent and consistent content.

This content can be educational, entertaining, or inspiring. It should aim to introduce your brand to those who aren’t familiar with it, as well as keep current customers loyal to your brand over others.

To have a good content marketing strategy, you should have an extensive understanding of your target audience, current customers, and competition. This will allow you to tailor your marketing even better to those you’re trying to reach.

Content Marketing Strategy

Now that we have the basics down, it’s time to talk about the main points to touch on in your strategy. Your content marketing checklist should consist of three overall goals:

1. Find Pain Points

2. Create Content Addressing Pain Points

3. Apply Content to Audience Buy Cycle

Once you understand your target audience and current customers as stated above, you can determine their pain points. These are the problems they need a solution to.

After finding their pain points, you can start making that consistent and frequent content that addresses those pain points. Basically, your ad content will tell your current and potential customers how your product solves their problem.

Then, you can start tailoring that content to match up with the buy cycle. From awareness of your brand to repurchasing your product, the buy cycle is the process customers go through when they buy a product.

Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing may seem complex at first. Here are some examples of extremely effective content marketing.

In 1895 John Deere created a publication called The Furrow. This quarterly journal was sent to customers and those in agriculture to give them helpful farming tips.

Another example is when Hasbro teamed with Marvel to create a comic book series for their G.I. Joe action figures. In both examples, we see marketing to existing and potential customers by providing them with frequent, consistent content that’s relevant to them.

Launch Your Strategy

Now you know how to develop a solid content marketing strategy. It’s time to use what you learned to benefit your own business.

RCS Digital wants to help you come up with and implement a great marketing plan. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help your business.

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