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Google Rankings Are The First Step To A Better Digital Marketing Strategy

Websites, SEO and Digital Marketing need to convert visitors into customers at some stage during the sales cycle. What would be the point of running ads and getting visitors to your website or social media pages otherwise? If your website is not loading fast, secure, and well optimised with relevant content to the user’s search term, you will lose customers in seconds. 

At RCS Digital we are experts in a multi channel approach which incorporates Google (SEO & Ads), Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to get better growth in your business.


Unlocking Your Business's Full Potential:
Reaching Customers everywhere with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing:

Partner with Us to Optimise and Enhance Your Digital Presence. Ensuring Potential Customers Can Easily Discover Your Business.

If your website is not loading fast, secure, and well optimised with relevant content to the user’s search term, you will lose customers in seconds. This is all part of website optimisation and ensuring your website customers convert.

At RCS Digital we are experts in a multi channel approach which incorporates Google (SEO & Ads), Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to get better growth in your business. Since 2007. 

    website optimisation

    Digital Marketing Kickstart Packages

    Unlock Your Digital Marketing Potential: Begin with a Comprehensive Competitor Audit

    A competition ad spend audit provides valuable insights into the competitive landscape of your local area and industry. It serves as an essential initial step in gaining clarity on your advertising and SEO budget requirements. This audit acts as a reality check for many business owners, offering them a clearer understanding of how to effectively compete in their market.

    Do you see your competitor’s ads everywhere and wonder how and why?

    Get an edge on your competition by dominating Google’s search results.

    Have a well-branded and looking website like your top competitors.

    Garner more social media attention than your competitors with captivating content and ads.

    Obtain quality reviews and recommendations to outrank your competition

    Stand out from the competition in a big way

    Dominate your industry with high quality branding and design

    Crush the competition with better website content

    We can show you precisely what your competitors spend each month, where they rank on Google and their market share. The first step is understanding how much work they are putting in and how much they are spending compared to your business. 

    Website optimisation, SEO and fast website hosting go hand in hand. The first step to better Online Marketing is a fast, optimised, and secure website. Before you even consider Google Ads, Facebook ads and SEO as the basis of your business marketing efforts, you need a fast well-optimised website. Google ranks websites on speed and security. However, website content, backlinks and various other criteria are also important.

    Why? A faster website and a secure website that keeps your customer’s data safe are better than a slow one. Google scores these areas called “page score”, and websites with relevant landing content to ads cost less.

    We are breaking it down here as best we can at RCS Digital; we focus on getting those basics right first. Below is more detailed information, along with add-on options if required.

    Keep reading for more information.

    Step One: Crafting Your Strategy

    A digital marketing strategy is your business’s vital first step towards success. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from analysing your competition, optimising SEO, and refining your branding, to conducting thorough research and website audits. We’ll also provide valuable insights on conversion optimisation, helping your business generate sales and leads effectively.
    website speed


    Most people don’t understand why their website isn’t performing. You’re probably looking to generate more leads, but until you understand what’s wrong, nothing is going to change. You’ll spend hundreds or thousands to have a website that does nothing for you. Talk to us about website optimisation and a performance audit.



    You need to protect your website visitors' data as best you can. You are doing just that by keeping your website software up to date. We run virus scanners with a backup plan and site downtime monitoring software. Website security is another area Google monitors for ranking results, so your website needs to be secure.

    keyword research


    Research is vital in the website's content building phase. Create content that real people search for and track these keywords with weekly ranking reports against your competitors. If you want sales and leads, then research is vital. Targeted keywords and phrases are then used to build ongoing content on your website.


    Without fast and secure hosting, your website won’t rank well on Google. At RCS Digital, we are Building Sustainable Hosting Environments for Business Owners. In today’s world, sustainability is becoming a critical aspect of running a business. As business owners, we have a responsibility to ensure that our operations are eco-friendly. One aspect of running an eco-friendly business is partnering with companies that value sustainability. At RCS Digital, we strive to build and scale sustainable website hosting environments for our clients. We are proud to partner with Google Cloud Platform, which is known for its sustainability-focused infrastructure. 

    Fast Cloud Hosting

    Website on Fast Cloud Hosting

    A slow website is costing you money. Forget slow and cheap US servers. They are costing you more in sales


    Website Software & System Maintenance

    Your website software will be kept up to date and secure to protect your customer's data and privacy.


    Data Centre

    Our Cloud Servers are connected around the world including a localised Sydney data centre.


    Extra security
    with Cloudflare

    We will run your website through Cloudflare for added speed and security.

    Are you and your staff just to busy?


    * We have included 30 Minutes per month of website updates in our hosting packages. The small print. Includes page text and image updates not coding and development work. We are happy to make those text changes for you via email or our support management system. Simply email us and we will make those changes for you.

    Digital Marketing Services

    This digital marketing package is a perfect example of our most popular offering, designed to meet all your marketing needs in one comprehensive solution.
    This comprehensive package provides all the necessary tools to establish a solid foundation for effective digital marketing for small local businesses. It covers essential aspects, ensuring the fundamentals are in place for success in the digital realm.
    • 5 Keyword Local SEO Package
    • 5 Keyword Product/Service Organic SEO Package
    • Google Ads Management x 1 campaign (Client pays for ad clicks directly to Google)
    • Facebook Ad Management x 1 campaign (Client pays for ad clicks directly to Facebook)
    • Weekly Keyword Tracking Report for SEO
    • Advice on Content Required Ongoing
    • Reputation Management & Review Generation Setups
    • Competition Ad Spend Reporting
    • 30 minutes of task management and support via Asana.com
    • Performance Loom recording provided every quarter
    • Additional task management is billed at our standard hourly rate.
    Example – $1947+GST Per Month
    At RCS Digital, we offer customised packages to collaborate with and empower your marketing team, providing comprehensive support every step of the way. Get in touch with us to explore the various options available.

    Organic & Local Search Optimisation

    You will receive weekly keyword tracking reports directly to your inbox as part of our Local and Organic SEO packages. These reports will help you stay updated on the performance of your keywords, ensuring you are always informed about your website’s progress.

    • Initial SEO Setups (Benchmarking & competition analysis) $397 one-off
    • Local SEO $447 per month (per business location)
    • Organic SEO (5 Keywords) $697 per month
    • Organic SEO (10 Keywords $847 per month
    • Organic SEO (20 Keywords) $1247 per month


    Google Ads (Initial Setups)

    • Adwords Initial Setup (standard search) $447
    • Adwords Initial Setup (display & audience with the graphic design as required on creatives) $747
    • Conversion tracking – $247
    • Google Store connected to WooCommerce plugin – $1247

    Google Ads Management

    The Google Ad strategy involves customers discovering your business through Google ads and re-engaging with them through display, performance, and conversion campaigns until they are ready to make a purchase or enquiry. To establish realistic expectations as every business is unique, an initial consultation and an audit of ad spend for competition analysis are necessary to gauge the level of competition in your industry. This makes sure that you understand your unique market landscape.

    • Google Ad Maintenance (Standard/Smart search ads only) $347 per month x 1 campaign.
    • Google Ad (Remarketing, Performance & Display) $647 per month x 2 campaigns
    • Google Video Ad and remarketing target audiences) $647 per month
    • Google Shopping Campaign – $347 per month

    The client pays Google directly for clicks/costs incurred to Google in your account. 

    Clients have complete access to their Google Ads account, allowing them to track fees and set budgets, and we strongly encourage ongoing collaboration to achieve optimal performance.

    Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

    • Initial consultation & ad strategy plan $247
    • Facebook & Instagram Ads Management $447 per month
    • Content and Ad creation (Content provided by client) $97 per hour
    • Video & Photography POA
    • Graphic Design POA

    A marketing budget is required to boost ads to target audiences. Client to provide content of offers, deals, graphics and video or we can do it for you.

    Social Media Posting

    Do you need help managing your social media platforms and getting information out to your target audience? RCS Digital can help!

    • Basic retainer to manage social media post scheduling, $447 per month strategy planning, consulting and support.
    • Ad creation & content, including video content $97 per hour
    • Posting platforms (Hootsuite, Later, Postify) POA
    • Community Management $97 per hour
    • Social media business page setups (per page) $97 each
    • Hourly rate for all other work required $97 per hour

    Prices increased with additional services ie. content creation, ads management, photography, video production etc. Talk to us about package options.

    Professional Graphic Design & Creatives

    If you’re seeking to enhance your brand or creative design, including video editing for social media, print, or websites, feel free to reach out for a personalised quote. We’re here to help you create stunning visuals that captivate your audience.

    Casual Rates – Website updates and development

    • Standard HTML page updates (1 hour blocks) $77 per hour
    • Coding & programming (minimum 1 hour) $97 per hour
    • Meetings, training & support plus travel time (hourly) $97 per hour
    Depending on the complexity of updates and coding. Tasks will need to be assigned to relevant team members and tracked in Asana.com for time management and invoicing.

    Localised SEO

    Option 1
    $ 497 +GST Monthly
    • Local Search Rankings
    • Fast Cloud Hosting & Security Updates
    • Website Conversion Optimiser
    • Citation Builder - Essential Details Listed Ongoing
    • Review System
    • Basic Website Updates - Website Recommendation Audit + replace imagery & keyword changes.
    • Website Maintenance & Backups Ongoing

    + SEO & Ads Manager

    Option 2
    $ 1247 +GST Monthly
    • Inclusive of Option 1
    • 5 Keyword SEO
    • Google Ads Management
    • Facebook Ads Management

    + Social Media

    Option 3
    $ 1947 +GST Monthly
    • Inclusive of Options 1-2
    • 10 Keyword SEO
    • 500 Word Blog Post
    • 1-2 Social Posts Per Week
    • 1-2 Graphics for posting

    All In Package

    Option 4
    $ 2447 +GST Monthly
    • Inclusive of Options 1,2,3
    • 15 Keyword SEO
    • 1000 Word Blog Post
    • 3-4 Social Posts Per Week
    • 3-4 Graphics for posting
    • Send 1 Newsletter


    The primary reasons for the lack of success in digital marketing often stem from business owners needing to pay more attention to essential elements such as high-quality branding, engaging content, and secure, fast websites. These factors are closely monitored by Google and directly impact conversion rates. Additionally, the influence of customer reviews and the optimisation of conversions cannot be underestimated when converting visitors into loyal customers.

    If your business is facing challenges generating leads, enquiries, and sales, it may be attributed to one or more of the following factors. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive audit and help us identify improvement areas.

    Initial Setups

    $ 1947 One Time Payment
    • Competition Audit
    • Branding Audit
    • Website Recommendation Audit + replace imagery - keyword changes etc
    • Google Profiler Setup
    • Facebook Page Setup
    • Website Hosting Transfer to Cloud Hosting
    • Website Software & Security Update
    • Citation Audit - Essential detail changes - address, phone number etc
    • Keyword Research & Reporting
    • Review Request Setup
    • 3 Months of Local SEO (saving $1347)

    Content Creation

    $ POA One Time Payment
    • 5 website pages of content including Home, About, Services pages and Contact - $947
    • 10 website pages of content - $1470
    • 20 website pages of content - $2940
    • Product Descriptions - $197 each
    • 500 word blog - $147
    • 1000 word blog - $247
    • Drone Footage - $247 One Hour
    • Graphic Design - From $97 each
    • Facebook Banner - $47
    • Fully Branding & Content Creation Pack For Business Startups - $2447

    Website Design

    $ POA One Time Payment
    • Landing Pages from $1297
    • 5 Page Website Custom Designed including Home, About, Services pages and Contact - $1997
    • 10 Custom Designed Website including service pages optimised for Google - $2497
    • 20 Page Custom Designed Website including service/project pages optimised for Google - $3497
    • Sell Products Online with a shopping cart - From $1997 on top of your website package. Price variations depend on number of products, shipping and payment processors. Strategy meeting required.



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