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    Digital Marketing Services on the Central Coast that go beyond just
    regular SEO and Social Media Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is an essential service for business growth. Using digital platforms to market your business online with Google and Social media will help turn users into actual customers and help your business reach its target audience. To be successful, you need to understand why your current marketing strategy is not working or needs improvements. At RCS Digital, we use a cost-effective online marketing strategy which outlines ongoing methods such as, the current cost per enquiry, lead or sale? Get measured results and analytics on what is working, tracking your main target keywords on Google and much more.

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    Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO offers immense opportunities to increase inquiries,  boost sales, create brand awareness and decrease costs of traditional advertising methods for our customers. Our SEO Services focus on great content to build followers, links, shares, and the technical aspect you can read in our SEO ebook.
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    Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

    Pay Per Click (PPC), stated in the simplest terms, is the service of paying the search engines and social media sites to display ads for relevant keywords or a set of rules that link back to your website or business pages. You generally do not pay unless a user clicks your ad, potentially gaining a new sale or lead. Pay per click campaigns can be a brilliant sales and lead generation tools if set up correctly.
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    Reporting & Analytics

    Is it important for you to know where your traffic is coming from? When your website is getting targeted traffic, a monthly report can tell you which advertisements, sites, and links bring people into your site. When you know what is and is not working, you can adjust for it accordingly.  Sometimes it can be not very clear to track your traffic sources, so we will help you by sending you a monthly or weekly report. We use tracking software such as the very effective Google Analytics to show you exactly what advertising methods and sources are working to bring traffic to your site. When you know where traffic is coming from, you can tailor your advertising and promotional efforts towards those places.
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    Social Media Marketing

    We put you in front of your potential customers with campaigns setup to gain results. From Facebook and Linkedin advertising to Instagram, Twitter and Google, we have you covered. We have a simple, cost-effective approach using great content, product deals and more.
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    Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Traffic to your website is great because it means you are gaining exposure, but without traffic converting into paying customers, it isn’t going to help your business. Once you get people to your website, that’s only half the battle. You then have to get them to stick around, keep coming back, and most importantly buy your products.

    Website Conversion Optimisation is an important service because it helps to get traffic to your website and turn them into paying customers. This can include some tweaks that will change the site around to make it more user-friendly and appealing. A big part of what we do is access where the traffic is coming from and analyse how many of them will be converted into customers. We then try to improve and track what is working and what isn’t to give you some helpful advice.
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    Create Newsletters

    The newsletter system we use is proven to work, tracking clicks and giving reports on your campaign’s success.
    Manage the cloud-based newsletter account yourself or contract us to take care of everything. The option is yours.

    When it comes to online, all your really own is your email database, everything else can change or be taken away at the drop of a hat. Find out how to protect your business and build subscribers on your website for selling, educating and entertaining. Google, Facebook & Bing can change overnight.
    Read more about why your email database is so important.

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    Educate with Content

    Content Writing for a Website – It is essential that the website’s content is of high quality and provides valuable information to the reader. High-quality content will also improve search engine ranking and convince potential clients to purchase your goods or services. The content should be professionally written and rich with keywords. A well-designed website with high-quality content will get your business the results you are looking for. You can read more about the importance of content creation strategy in our blog.

    Short Intro

    What we consider

    • Website testing and reporting, including regular audits.
    • We track your main target keywords and report on where your competitors are located in these results.
    • The quality of the business branding, including graphics and the overall brand message.
    • How do you currently track what is working with your current advertising?
    • What are the costs per lead or sale?
    • What separates your business from the competition? (point of difference)
    • What are the benefits, offers, and added value you can use to attract an enquiry?
    • Are your page headlines optimised to entice a visitor to read further?
    • Would your business fail if Google dropped your website off its page one ranking?
    • Do you currently use remarketing?
    • Are you running newsletter campaigns?
    • Do you target custom audiences on Facebook and use lookalike audiences?
    • Do you write quality content to help your customers or provide useful information to potential new customers?
    • Do you have professional images of your products and services?
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    Need to find out how your website is performing at a technical level?

    We know that most SEO related issues start at the site level. Our audit will give you detailed information on your website’s many potential issues, including keywords, page title errors, speed test, caching issues, and more. Do your website a favour and get it tested today for free, you will be glad you did.

    Located on the Central Coast of NSW we have a central location to meet new and existing clients from Sydney and Newcastle.

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    29 June 2020

    I could give more stars if it was possible. He does justice to his job so much and so kind and helpful to know your requirement then accordingly provide you his services with 💯 efficiency.

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    22 July 2020

    I was looking for quality logo and I found the legend named Darpan Joshi, amazing work with perfect visualisation 👌

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    2 August 2020

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