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Sincerely, Disappointed: Why Your Email Style May Be Harming Your Business

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Sincerely, Disappointed: Why Your Email Style May Be Harming Your Business

Did you know that mobile email openings have grown 180% in the last three years? Email is more relevant and effective than ever. But, your business email style guide can actually be harmful if not highlighting the right things.

Do you want to learn more about how to write an email that engages readers?

Keep reading below for a few best practices. 

Email for Business Tips: Forget Fancy Templates

Most people get excited about gorgeous templates at their fingertips. The fact is you should be careful about using these templates.

While they’re fun to look at, these templates detract from the real purpose of the email: great content. Not that you should ignore the way your email looks, rather focus more on the quality of your content. What key information is covered? Is there a clear call-to-action?

One of your main concerns with an email should be accessibility. Can it be opened on all devices? Is there a way for people with disabilities to get the content?

Personalize Your Business Email Style

Above we told you to be cautious about using a template. The same goes for your actual text. If you want people to open and engage with your email, you need to personalize it.

Personalization starts with the email subject line. Most people get hundreds of emails daily and yours will get lost if it blends. You need to grab their attention in the subject line.

Once they open the email, they’re more likely to read the content if it’s personalized to them. Don’t start with a generic greeting. Include the recipient’s name.

Do you have an up-to-date customer database? Email programs will allow you to incorporate variable data so every email that goes out is personalized to the recipient. You can also segment your email lists by interest to hook readers.

Consider Adding Multimedia To Your Emails

While we said don’t worry about making your email all flashy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try reaching your customers in the ways they prefer. Images are a great way to demonstrate what you’re selling, get a reader’s attention, and break up large chunks of text.

Consider the goal of your email. Do you want to include a high-quality product picture or an infographic to educate them about your company?

Videos will leave an impact on your customers. Around 55% of internet users watch online videos daily. You can include a testimonial, product demonstration, or message from the CEO. People are also more likely to remember content from a video.

The only thing you have to worry about is ensuring your video marketing reflects your brand and messaging.

Ready For Your Emails to Shine?

Email is still an incredible opportunity to reach new and previous customers. To be effective, you need to ensure that your email style is personalized, informative, and clear about the next step.

Do you need help optimizing your marketing emails? RCS Digital specializes in online marketing, website design, SEO, and more. Contact us now to discuss your goals.

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