Conversion Tracking

How to Set up Conversion Tracking

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How To Set Up Conversion Tracking

You’re probably reading this because you already have your Google Ads campaign going. Have your ads/keywords been generating the number of clicks you had hoped and have you done your SEO research? If you’re not sure, you need to install conversion tracking to see how many are turning into sales.

This tool in Google Ads will help you find out how great your ad campaign really is when it comes to sales, leads, email sign-up, downloads, and other important factors. Your business will be rewarded once all the metrics are clear to you.

Conversion Tracking Basics

Generate a little HTML code within Google Ads. Paste that into the webpage most popularly visited after a conversion completion.

Let’s get started.

  • Click the Tools and Analysis tab in Google Ads
  • Choose Conversions
  • In the All Conversions page, click +Conversion

Then follow the prompts to fill out the form Google Ads uses to generate the right HTML code. This is the code you’ll paste into your amazingly awesome website.

  • Name it
  • Pick the source of conversion (i.e. “Contact form conversions”)

Select the source of the conversion: Webpage, call onsite, or app download.

Let’s take a look at each source type:

Webpage Conversions

Pick the correct category from the drop-down menu. Choose wisely, or your computer will explode. Just kidding.

Pick which markup language you would like to use: HTML, CHTML, XHTML, or WML?

Pick a value for that conversion. You’ll have the option to enter a range as well.

Tracking Indicator

Turn this on so your visitors can be shown a nice, polite message letting them know they’re being tracked by Google. Or you can choose not to display it — It’s up to you. Another option is to turn it on but have it show your own message that can be customized by size, background colour, and what language it’s in.

Call OnSite

If your website is friendly enough to let your customers call your business phone directly, you can choose to take advantage of conversion tracking for counting calls. Follow the steps above and type in “onclick” tags in the HTML provided.

Of course, you can’t forget to replace the sample phone number for your company’s number, or it won’t work, silly. Also, replace the sample “Call Now” text with your own fantastic text.

App Conversions

Check this out. You can even track downloads of your app through the Google Play store! You can also do this (limitedly) with iOS apps in the Apple App Store.

It’ll ask you for the app’s “Package Name”. Where can I find this, you ask? Go to the app’s page within the Google Play store, and then copy that URL.

You’ll find the package number between details?id=string and &feature= string.

Just paste that into the appropriate box. Text that it works by hitting “view in Android Market”. If you get an error, you’ve entered it wrong. Try again. We believe in you.

Once you get this working, it’ll start tracking within 24 hours.

We Wish You Many Conversions

If you get a ton of clicks but only a few conversions, you could be looking at a low ROI. If the ads cost more than your business is earning, you’ve got a little more work to do.

Take a look at your search funnels data. Update your ad text and keywords to help you optimize for more conversions and to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Spruce up your landing page, make sure the interface is smooth to use, and check to see whether searches are taking them to Timbuktu.

Try to get a fresh eye to look at your site and how easy and effective it is to use. Good luck rocking that conversion tracking. Contact us with any questions!

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