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Keyword Research And Gaining A Sale Or Lead From Your Website

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Keyword Research And Gaining A Sale Or Lead From Your Website

Some golden rules of building a website are keyword research, competitor analysis and constantly optimising for better conversion rates. Conversion optimisation looks at the customer’s benefit and offers related headlines, action buttons, images, site speed and lots more. A set and forget approach is very unlikely to work if you want to improve your organic search results. Keywords are also still important on your website to rank naturally, however, advertising agencies use lots of different techniques now to get more visitors to your website such as social media and pay per click.


What is Keyword Research?

Before you begin to build a website you need to research the chances of success and should look at the targeted keywords and phrases relevant to your business or target market, amount of traffic, acceptable levels of competition and whether this keyword has a commercial chance of making some money. These are the 4 golden rules – relevancy, high levels of traffic, an acceptable amount of competition and commercially viable. If anyone of these is missing your chances of making money online are slim.

We then need to analysis the competition and check whether it is actually worth targeting these keywords. Sometimes it is better to move to another area which will be easier to target. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars on website content and Pay Per Click advertising, targeting these same keyword phrases might be too hard to rank well for on the first page.

Basically, if you can’t get onto the front page of Google you will struggle to get sales, so pick your battles, don’t go in blind without doing some keyword research and analyse your competition. This way you won’t waste your time building website content for keywords that won’t work. You need to be better than your competition and be realistic about the budget you need to have to target competitive markets.

Website layout and structure

The structure of the website you build also needs to follow strict accessibility guidelines so the search engines can actually read the content and users can actually view the content no matter what device they are using. On-site factors such as image load times, content, mobile device design and the creation of sitemaps and stat tools so you can track your results. The biggest optimisation problems include pretty graphic designs of content that the search engines cannot read, slow image load times of files being too large and the incorrect structure of page titles and unique quality content is written for product and service descriptions. Trying to save money and do this yourself is often a complete waste of time and you need a professional to do it correctly with professional writers who help create sales copy and website developers who structure your website correctly. You might also want a graphic artist to brand your business and create a design layout which suits the rest of your company style or business branding.

How Do I Get a sale or enquiry?

Getting a sale comes down to a great product or service, great headlines, offers, deals or promotions and point of difference to name a few points. By offering free shipping, added value or having a product for sale for a limited time.

Shipping costs scare most people so be careful in this area of abandonment at the checkout because of shipping costs. If your product is unique with a low level of competition and high search volumes you are more likely to get a result. I like to use buying keywords such as sale, discount, buy online, purchase online in my page wording to help target people who are actually ready to buy and not just browsing for ideas on what to buy. Timeout offers on products helps make users take action, this is called scarcity and is also worth researching.

RCS Websites will provide a keyword analysis of your businesses targeted products and services keywords. We then provide a competitor analysis and a list of keywords we recommend to use in your website content and navigation structure. Purchasing this service before building a new website could save you a lot of wasted time in targeting the incorrect areas of your online business.

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