Multi-Store Websites

Manage Your Products Across Multi-Store Websites

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Manage Your Products Across Multi-Store Websites

Now there’s a time-saving idea. Managing all your products from one central location. How do we do it? Integration of WordPress and other software is a great time-saving idea but we also take this a step further. So many businesses are managing thousands of products across multiple website stores and wasting so much time logging into each one individually to make basic updates or assigning products. If this sounds like your business talk to us today about the options available to you. By working on one dedicated server we can integrate all your products, accounting software and CRM from one location and one login.

What about duplicate product descriptions on multi-store websites?

Assigning products to multiple websites can have duplication issues with Google and with good reason. When you think about it, why would a search engine want to show the same content twice at the top of a search result? Then rank all your websites high for the same content. In a competitive market, I highly doubt any of your product pages would rank that well. A solution to this is to create great content on each website with WordPress posts, then link to the individual product, category or range of products you are writing about. If you keep your general product descriptions short, set up a unique product title for each website and then create unique content on each website’s blog, it’s a better option. If you want to rank you need quality unique content it’s as simple as that.

For more information on setting up a WordPress Website or WooCommerce Multi-Store talk to RCS Websites today. We might even be able to integrate your accounting software and CRM into the same solution.

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