Online Assets

What Assets Do You Really Own Online?

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Online Assets – What Do You Really Own? 

Besides your website content and email database, all your other online assets can be changed at any moment


Google can and does change its algorithm often. Facebook changed the way it provided an ad-free social platform overnight. They almost stopped showing business pages and brought in a paid advertising model. Yes, the advertising platforms work very well but here is my point.

The Online Assets You really own is your email database….here is why

It’s worth protecting and working out ways to get more people to opt-in and follow your business. The idea then is to send out information on a regular basis.

How do I get people to opt into my email database?

Create something exceptional that you could charge money for, giving it real value and then give it away for free in exchange for their email address. A free e-book or a sample product is a good start.

What do I send them?

Once people are on your email database send them information that is going to help them improve their life. Send them the best information you have available. Images of new products, videos to engage, new website content to educate, coupon codes for free shipping at the checkout and so on. Show you are an authority and the place to come to for information or advice in your industry.

Content that is either educational or entertaining and highly engaging

A great starting point is to educate people on your products and services is by writing descriptions to engage your audience and use bullet points to showcase key features and benefits. Include videos if you can and images to engage your website visitors.

Tip: A blog is a great way to create content on your secondary keywords to rank naturally and educate.

How often should I send to my email database?

Weekly is best however at least monthly. Your business needs to be in the mind of the customer when they are ready to make a purchase.

Website content is the key

By creating great content on your website, this is then used as the platform for your email marketing and social media posts. The content on your site will also help with natural organic SEO and have the added benefit of users being able to share and re-post. Great website content also helps with Google Adwords. What does this mean? Campaign ads that link to website landing pages, that also match your target keywords in the headline and Google ads are cheaper to run and more likely to show at the top of the results because they are more relevant to the user’s search. Other factors come into this such as daily budget but the idea of this post is for organic SEO, however great content has other benefits.

How to create an email subscription form

Most websites systems have plugins or components that can be installed for newsletter marketing but the most popular and simple to use is mailchimp.com. It doesn’t really matter what system you use as long as it works. Forms can be added to your website quite simply, separate lists can be created and email campaigns sent directly from there server.

Give it a go!

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