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Reach Beyond Instagram: Social Platforms You’re Probably Not On That Will Increase SEO Web Traffic

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Reach Beyond Instagram: Social Platforms You’re Probably Not On That Will Increase SEO Web Traffic

Have you reached a wall with your social media strategy? Do you keep posting content without any visible return in web traffic? If so, then it may be time to mix up your social media channels.

While the big hitters such as Facebook and Instagram are still worthy of attention, there are a number of other platforms emerging that have far less competition. Read on to find our need-to-know list of social platforms you need to increase SEO web traffic.


EyeEm is the only real contender to the visual-based platform dominance of Instagram. It has an app available for Android and can also be accessed via your browser. Currently, it purports to have around 22 million users.

One neat feature is that users can offer their photos for sale on the applications marketplace. The platform sells these on, and users get a cut of the revenue, meaning you can make money by using the medium.

Aside from this, it follows the same strategy as Instagram. It is a social platform designed for photo sharing and taking pictures. As it is a company based in Berlin, it also has strict data protection laws, meaning in theory, user data should be much more secure than it is on other platforms.


Diaspora is very similar to Facebook, and actually shares a lot of its functions. You can share posts, images, and you can post updates. It has its own chat function, and you can even link it to Facebook should you wish.

One feature it does have over its more well-known neighbour is the ability to organize posts using hashtags. This makes it extremely easy to find posts and updates about topics you love, making it an ideal SEO social platform to build brand awareness.

Diaspora is very proud of how it does not use and store user data. The platform consists of many different networks, known as pods. This means that the whole platform is decentralized, and no single company has ownership over people using the social media network.


Medium is an online posting platform, concentrating on blogs and written content. It does have some social network elements but is mainly about written content over social interactions and visuals. It is free to use and publish on, and most articles are free to read.

Many people use it to post original content. There are a lot of companies who also use it to post company blog posts on the site, helping to increase SEO web traffic.

Increase SEO Web Traffic Locally With Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a fantastic tool for local SEO, so if you have a physical business and you want to gain the trust of the local neighbourhood or increase brand awareness in the area, this is for you. Its premise is that it is a private social media channel for local neighbourhoods. All you need to do is type in your street address.

Once this is done, you will find a thriving community of people in your local area. It operates in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia.

Content is King

Once you open up a new social media channel, always keep in mind the old adage that content is king. Post relevant, enriching content and information on your new platform and you will soon see your SEO web traffic grow.

If you need help to increase SEO web traffic, RCS digital can assist. We have solutions for everything from web design to social media management. Visit our services page and message us for a quote today, so we can start promoting your business immediately!

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