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Local seo or local search engine optimisation is one way of reaching out to your local customers, especially if you are targeting a specific geographical location. Your local search engine optimisation strategy can either make or break your local business. Every business needs a Google Business account and verified address. Facebook also has a great method of boosting your business locally by putting your ads in front of the perfect customer interests at very reasonable rates. These Facebook Ads can also include boosting events, gaining more local followers along with brand awareness. Facebook has lots of great advertising tricks that are worth learning about.

Here are some quick tips to get you started with local SEO:

bing-googleRegistration of Local Listings

Get your business registered on the major search engines (Google and Bing). In most places such as in the US, in Europe, and Australia, it’s simply filling out a certain form. Google then verifies your registration by either mail or phone. Moreover, there are other platforms other than Google and Bing that you need to register your business. These are major local directories, which include Facebook, Yelp.com, Yahoo Local, Dmoz, Local.com, Yellow Pages, Truelocal, Startlocal among other portals.

citationsConsistency of Business Name (Citations)

When you are registering your local business to these various local sites and search platforms, it is important to be always consistent with your business name, address, contact numbers, and other details of your business. To such extent, the format of these factors must always be the same every time. A single inconsistency in the details of your name, address, or phone number can negatively affect the citations of your local business in search engine results and will eventually prevent your site from ranking well. If your business has multiple locations then a separate contact page on your website linking to individual Google business pages for each location is the best method.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the term that is sometimes used when you are doing an analysis of the competitor’s site with the aim of getting the site’s link sources. In a local SEO perspective, your focus is to determine the listing sources of your competitor using your chosen keyword for your local business. You can do this by determining the top businesses for the keyword, then conduct a second search using the names of the top businesses. Your search results will then show webpages where the business is currently listed. You can then use those sources to get your local business listed as well.

your-reviewsReputation Management

One of the most important aspects in local SEO is reputation management. This is basically reviewing your reviews. You need to check the places where your local business is listed, especially those popular ones such as Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Truelocal and Startlocal Profiles among other listings. Find a way to improve your reputation on these listings by firstly evaluating the reviews. If you have some negative reviews, try to figure out how you can improve that particular negative aspect in your business so that the next customer won’t leave the same review. Basically, this much like listening to your customers and giving them what they want.

Local Brand Awareness on Facebook


Facebook has a fantastic paid local brand awareness system where you can boost your business locally. Its very cheap to run and provides some good results. With a targeted campaign you can put your business in front of the perfect customers for your business locally.  With great website content promoting your products and services or helpful information your ads can gain a lot of followers and reputation. Once a business has gained a good number of followers you can start targeting them with offers, deals and promotional material.

Get a Local Citation Report

At RCS Websites we provide a service for setting up your local listing on Google, we also provide a Citation report and website audit. Check out the local seo service here. A citation report is very important for checking your directory listing around the internet for consistency. We can then provide you with links to claim and modify these directory listing yourself or hire a company to do it.

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