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The RCS approach to attracting, converting and retaining customers

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The RCS Approach to Attracting, Converting and Retaining Customers

Every business knows that what keeps them afloat is their ability to attract, convert and retain customers, and as online marketers, we’re always being asked how we help our clients stay ahead of the game.

To answer the question, we have a comprehensive approach that you can read about below, but before we look at the digital part, we always like to start by undertaking a comprehensive audit of your website and all its branding elements. This is the foundation of your efforts, as you won’t be able to get anywhere with customers if your branding isn’t effective.

This means we take a look at everything from your website home and landing pages, to your social media profiles, directories, advertising banners and other elements. It’s important to remember that great graphics, content and imagery showing off your products and services is paramount to online marketing success in a competitive market.

1. Use SEO, PPC and Social Media to attract visitors to your website.

The RCS approach to attracting, converting and retaining customers - seoOnce we have completed the audit, we will look at your targeted keywords and location(s), and then recommend the depth and breadth of Pay-Per-Click advertising, and straightforward written content creation that may be required.

This auditing process can also involve taking stock of or implementing technical efforts, client input, advanced SEO techniques, off-page SEO, competitor reports, and keyword comparisons.

We will create the right mix of services geared towards attracting customers to your website and offer you free reporting. This information you will also be able to create an accurate general budget as we can provide you with ideas of what it will cost to execute a comprehensive, in depth solutions, or an introductory effort on a smaller budget.

Running brand awareness ads on social media is also an effective way to attract potential customers, and you can easily communicate your offer and unique point of difference using this marketing tool. The great thing about these ads is that you can track your Cost per Lead or Cost per Sale with our simple formula that gives you an annual breakdown of what is, or isn’t working.

2. Once traffic has reached your website, convert them

The RCS approach to attracting, converting and retaining customers - traffice has reachedIt’s not enough to have traffic on your website if site visitors aren’t engaging with it. There are many things that can be done to convert visitors to leads, including lead magnets, offers, limited time specials, and more.

Firstly, all your website’s pages should have eye catching and easy to identify contact forms that have had their design and action buttons optimised to be as simple to locate and navigate to as possible. Similarly, your social media pages or directory listings should have up to date contact details that are easily accessible.

In terms of those who visit your website but don’t convert into customers, you can and should consider retargeting and marketing activities to keep your brand top of mind. For example, you can send automated abandoned cart emails for visitors who have already visited the site and created accounts, but have yet to make a purchase.

Remarketing is easy to do on Google and Facebook, as you can easily implement affordably priced text and graphic ads offering customers deals or coupons to encourage potential customers to make a purchase commitment. This works by showing ads to your website visitor after they have left your site. Your ads are shown to them around the internet on industry blogs, YouTube, Gumtree and more.

Lead forms offering free guides or eBook downloads are another great way to capture information on potentially interested future customers.

We also focus on the user-friendliness of your website. For example, we make sure that your business phone number should be top right of the website, as people expect it to be there, and will also be a link for mobile devices, enabling visitors to simply tap on the number to start a call. Seeing as most users might just need your phone number, it is important to make it easy for them to contact you.

3. Retain customers to save money and generate recommendations

The RCS approach to attracting, converting and retaining customers - retain customersNot only is it cheaper to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones, but we’ve also found that happy customers are more likely to recommend you to others, and there are many ways you can get referral marketing to work for you.


You can send out regular newsletters that promise clients the opportunity to be the first to hear about the latest news on products. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, provided you are prepared to create and share regular content. This isn’t as difficult as it might seem, as you could just share relevant case studies, new portfolios, or offer related news on new products or upgraded services.


Another option is to set up automated emails using a plugin for WooCommerce in your shopping cart system, which will send current customers offers and coupon codes for new products or services. You will initially need to setup the emails but once they are setup the system automated the sending of those emails to all new customers who purchase on your site at a future time set by you.


You can also integrate a simple reviewing system (one that stands alone or is integrated into your automated emails) offering incentives for customers to review and share your products or services. With this approach the sky’s the limit, so always remember that you can get really creative here.

Now that you know more about how online marketing can add to the bottom line of your operations, why not contact RCS Websites to get the process started? If you need help in any of the above areas we encourage you to book a consultation so that we can discuss a holistic digital branding and marketing solution for your business needs.

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