Digital marketing reporting and analytics is critical for understanding how your marketing campaigns are performing. Without accurate data, it's impossible to know what's working and what isn't. We can help you track your Google keywords and compare your progress to that of your competitors and more. Need help, get in touch today!

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In the digital marketing sphere, the use of accurate data and application of analytical insights go hand-in-hand to enable businesses to make strategic decisions in how to receive optimal results from their online marketing campaigns.

For many businesses, without the guiding hand of an expert SEO company like RCS websites, making sense of data overload is a challenge. That’s why we not only provide a comprehensive monthly reporting & analytics service, but our value-added service includes helping you make tactical decisions on how to improve your digital marketing footprint by breaking down analytical data into easily digestible formats.

There is no one size fits all strategy for websites and digital marketing as every industry has a different level of competition. There are so many pitfalls that can easily waste your precious marketing dollars if you are not sure precisely what you need or how to do it effectively. That’s our job! By booking a strategy call with an expert, you will have a clearer understanding of how to move forward. Allow us to customise a strategy that will work for your business and level of competition.

Reporting & Analytics - statistics

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A weekly or monthly report on a business website’s performance provides essential information on where web traffic is coming from – which ads, social media platforms and links direct visitors to your website and which are doing a better job than others. Using this information, you can tweak those underperforming areas to increase their sales potential. Or, place more focus and energy on those areas that are yielding positive results.

RCS Websites uses an intelligent tracking software system to provide you with accurate reporting on metrics that matter. We provide analytical insights on the following reporting sections:

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One of the best features of a tracking tool is providing important information on what competitor brands are up to. This data equips you with insights on how to improve your own digital marketing campaigns.
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Receive data on those Facebook Ads that are effective in driving traffic to your website. Many companies rely very heavily on social media to gain leads and traffic. It’s definitely a medium you can’t ignore.

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Tracking backlinks

You are provided with a list of where your backlinks are coming from, those referring domains that drive traffic to your website.
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Google Analytics integration

Our tracking software allows for the easy integration of Google Analytics into your monthly reports. Receive accurate data on your page views and bounce rate.

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Keyword rankings and tracking

Keywords can be tracked in Google as well as Bing. Use keyword ranking data to find out which of your keywords place your website on the first page of search results and which ones yield no results at all.
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Adwords provides a wealth of data as to how well your paid search campaigns are running. You can save money by removing those Ads that are just costing you money and invest more on the ones that are more effective at driving sales.
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Site audit

Site audits are incredibly useful in determining those areas of your website that need attention. Find out why your visitors leave your site as soon as they’ve landed on it. Find out if there are broken links or rectify duplicate content issues. An SEO audit also tells you how many SEO best practices you have applied.
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Social media analytics

If social media marketing plays a large role in your marketing efforts, we will provide you with a comprehensive social overview of audience engagement on each of the platforms you have linked.

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