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Central Coast, Sydney & Newcastle, NSW, Australia

A small business Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service’s primary focus is to rank your website higher up the search engine results for your product and service keywords and not your business name. At RCS Online, we offer more than just keyword backlinks. Our approach includes the technical aspects for better conversions, such as site speed and security, software updates, regular keyword ranking reports, technical site audits, and advanced techniques off-page SEO and directory listings. We continuously track your competitor’s websites and report on your primary business product or service keywords fluctuating in the search engines with tracking software. You know your business best, so we will seek your input as well with regular communication. Search Engine Optimisation takes time to see results and works best with a combined strategy of Google Adwords (PPC), Content Strategy and Social Media advertising such as Facebook Ads.  If you want quick results, use paid advertising, you will see better conversions and organic rankings with our SEO services over time. If your business targets customers locally, read more about Local SEO Services.

There is no one size fits all strategy for websites and digital marketing as every industry has a different level of competition. There are so many pitfalls that can easily waste your precious marketing dollars if you are not sure precisely what you need or how to do it effectively. That’s our job! By booking a strategy call with an expert, you will have a clearer understanding of how to move forward. Allow us to customise a strategy that will work for your business and level of competition.

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How To Get Better Search engine rankings?

SEO offers immense opportunities to increase inquiries,  boost sales, create brand awareness and decrease costs of traditional advertising methods for our customers. Our SEO Services focus on great content to build followers, links, shares as well as the technical aspect which you can read in our Free Download: SEO E-Book With an SEO campaign as the starting point to better online marketing, you can improve organic rankings in the search engines and gain a better page score with your Google Adwords account, which reduces costs per click. This in return, will increase conversions from your website visitors leading to more enquiries and sales. Now wouldn’t that be great? We use a strategic approach to your product and service pages and landing page optimisation for better sales and enquiries.
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We audit

Our detailed SEO audit will provide you with information about any technical errors on your website, which are essential to ranking higher in the search results. Get your free audit report today.

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We research

At RCS Online, we provide extensive research in many areas, including your competition and keyword phrases to target on both your website and Adwords campaigns. We don’t guess on what keywords are commercially viable. We research first.

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We fix

We fix any website-related issues and start the SEO process. This can require additional off-site SEO, such as content marketing to build links and shares in competitive markets.

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Google rewards you

Get it right and listen to our advice 100% and Google will reward you. Tracking software and reports are sent to you ongoing to identify any issues that may arise.

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Cost effective SEO solutions!

Online marketing can be a trial-and-error process that sees a business owner wasting resources on testing or time designing and implementing campaigns. At RCS Online we are already experienced and knowledgeable on techniques that have successfully produced results and significant ROI for our clients which is why we believe that hiring a professional SEO Experts marketing company is the best cost-effective solution for any business’s growth online.

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What is excellent content for a website that ranks?

Content that is either educational or entertaining and highly engaging. A great starting point for website content ideas is to educate people on your products and services by writing descriptions to engage your audience and use bullet points to showcase critical features and benefits. Include videos and images of possible to engage your website visitors. Talk to us today for more information on content creation ideas and a researched keyword topic report.

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How much is your time worth?

Managing and growing a business online takes a huge amount of time. Website optimisation is a complex process and one that has you juggling many different tasks and campaigns. Do you have time to manage on-site and off-site SEO techniques or find SEM strategies that work for your business? Even with social media, there are numerous platforms that you will need to manage and engage with prospects.

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SEO in a competitive industry

Tracking your competition is the key to understanding how to stay on the search results’ first page. Catch falls in your keywords rankings early and monitor changes.
See how much your competitors are spending on ads and get regular reports sent to your inbox.

How much do you know about SEO and what it entails?

There is much more to a business website than just having one created. As so many of our clients come to understand when not seeing the results they want (visitor traffic or sales leads), a website’s visibility in search results depends on the harmonious working of a complex process, commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimisation. This process deals with various factors regarding a website such as content, site structure, keyword usage, links and metas and tags. Any issues with any of these impacts on how well a website is ranked. More of this is explained in our eBook which can be found by clicking this link. We have described 50 of the most critical techniques well-optimised websites depends on.

By choosing to rely on just one website development company, such as RCS Websites, that offers a full range of services devoted to online marketing and website optimisation, you benefit from huge savings in time and cost and receive proficient skills that produce desired results. At RCS, our competitive advantage lies in designing strategy development, proficiencies in content development and management, monitoring and analysing campaigns and the advanced systems and technologies we use to provide world-class service.

Our Case Studies


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Safe Guard Flooring (Mark Gately)

Mark Gately had a business website created that cost him a substantial amount of money. After a year he found out that it had no presence on the web.

He conducted his own search on Google and gave up trying to find it after landing on page 9 of Google’s results pages without any luck.

He contacted us at RCS Websites and we were able to help him in rebuilding his website (putting up a temporary page until the website was ready). In a short space of time, Mark saw a boost in business opportunities with a daily increase in sales leads.



slide1 - Activate foods

Activate Foods

Activate Foods is a leading provider of healthy meal delivery including Paleo, Gluten Free with clean eating principles on the Central Coast. Here is an example of a startup business on the rise and growing quickly in a competitive market.

The owners of ActivateFoods have a great network in the fitness industry and are active and responsive on social media. Where they struggled was on Google. To help grow and gain extra business we recommended a fluid approach taking the brand to the next level with pay per click and an aggressive SEO campaign amongst other advertising methods.

Activate Foods are smart operators, and we work closely with them in helping to gain the best results and naturally grow their business while helping to retain existing business. They already provide great communication with clients and an excellent product, RCS have just helped take the technical side to a new level.
Client Comments:

We have been working with Rob on SEO for our website for Activate Foods. After a matter of weeks, we already see additional sales come through. Rob is confident in his recommendations, and we trust that he will look after this area of our business for us. Megan and Martin Bowden


Additional search engine marketing & online marketing services include

Customer Touchpoints Examples
  • Keyword research & tracking
  • Content creation
  • Pay per click management
  • Facebook and social media strategy
  • Linkedin lead generation
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Newsletter creation
  • Facebook advertising
  • Directory submissions
  • Competitor research
  • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Competition research
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Website conversion optimisation
  • Website audits

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