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Boost The Efficacy Of Your Adwords Campaigns By First Investing In A Reputable And Strategic SEO Campaign.

You find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You have a limited budget allocated for digital marketing and you want to better advertise your business online in 2018. Your dilemma – should you focus on SEO or Adwords first?

It is our SEO experts opinion that your business website should be first optimised for SEO – keywords, speed and coding – before implementing an Adwords campaign. Yes, clicks do matter, but equally as important is what happens once your visitor lands on your website. In essence, it’s a balancing act that will keep you on track with your online marketing goals to increase sales and grow your business.

Adwords have earned a high reputation for achieving click-worthy results quickly but in competitive markets and without a quality website design coupled to On-Page SEO and landing pages that are mobile-friendly, the cost of any Adwords campaign will prove to be much more expensive and your ads will convert to sales far less frequently.


Why you need to have an optimised website before you initiate an Adwords campaign

Why does implementing SEO techniques take precedence over Google Adwords? For the simple reason that you need to ensure that all of your website’s pages are optimised to provide a great user experience. And this is what SEO focuses on. From On-Page techniques like providing unique and relevant content to Off-Page best-practice methods like social bookmarking, SEO focuses on making sure visitors stay on your website once they are there. Nothing encourages search engine algorithms to index your website lower on search results than visitors who leave your website quickly (a high bounce rate).

Additional good reasons to focus on SEO first include:

  • Influence the buyer’s journey
    Prospective customers are more likely to convert to purchase-ready buyers if a brand is seen as an industry expert that publishes relevant, engaging and solutions-oriented content on its website.
  • Provide a better user experience once they get to your website
    One of the dangers of not having an optimised website is visitors navigating away if they find your website to be a frustrating experience or of no value. SEO ensures that visitors are engaged and happy once they land on your website and that there are no regrets for having clicked on the link (and that’s true for a link generated through organic SEO or an Adwords campaign).
  • Better ROI
    Achieving top organic ranking on search engine results automatically guarantees you the lion’s share of clicks and visitor impressions. The good news about ranking organically is that this offers longer-term results than Adwords campaigns would. Optimised coding and descriptions drive more qualified visitors to your website. You can get a vast number of clicks on your Adwords campaigns but if your visitors navigate away as soon as they land on your website then the cost in Adwords spend has generated no ROI at all.


Research agrees that paying attention to SEO is a top priority for businesses. Marketing professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region offered some interesting insights into what they see as key priority areas in the advertising and marketing industry for 2017. The CMO of Tomorrow survey revealed that out of 460 respondents 58 per cent of marketers named web analytics as a key priority for marketing trends for the coming year.

When it comes to your digital marketing mix it is important to bear in mind that SEO and Google Adwords are not exclusive of each other. Both are highly effective strategies to boost your visitor traffic and increase sales leads. Having your website optimised for SEO first will only enhance the results desired from an Adwords campaign. Don’t run the risk of generating new leads only for a poor website user experience to let the visitor down and you lose them to the competition? We strongly suggest an SEO package first for at least 6 months for effective online marketing results.

For more information on effective SEO techniques, we have an eBook available that offers essential advice on how to maximise results. Find out how our professional services can best boost your SEO goals. And it is not just about stuffing keywords into your website’s content! 

We offer a number of highly sought after services dedicated to online marketing. You can view our full SEO services offering, including SEO packages.

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