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Tips For Website Terms Of Use

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Tips For Website Terms Of Use

When you publish a website it is important to ensure you provide visitors to your site with “terms of use”. Even if all you are doing is providing them with information, the terms will set out how they can and cannot use the content. They will cover the ownership of your intellectual property; your trademarks, copyright in your material etc, and will limit your liability if something goes wrong.

It is also important to provide a “privacy policy” on your website, particularly when you collect any personal information such as email addresses. Then you will need some “business terms and conditions” for your website specifically for purchasers of your goods and customers of your services. These should be added so customers can see them clearly before their purchase and so that you are protected to the maximum extent under the law. Getting your “business terms and conditions” right is essential to the operation of your business, and will govern many things, including when and what payments are due, what warranties are offered, what the refund policy is, and provide a limitation of your liability.

Whilst it might be tempting just to copy and paste another website’s terms if you do, you run the risk not only of leaving yourself exposed but also of breaching the law. There are local, affordable lawyers for SMEs who can help you draft some terms.

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