All About Touchpoints – 44 Touchpoint Examples For Your Business

Customer Touchpoints Examples

What is a touchpoint, and why are they so important?


A touchpoint is any way a potential customer interacts with your business. This could be through word-of-mouth, social media, a website, a flyer etc. The list goes on, and at every step, you need your business well branded with quality graphics, quality content and language that your audience resonate with. It’s best if you are seen as an authority in your industry. Google will rank you better, and sales will start to roll in once people trust you. People engage when they are ready and not because you posted an ad. Keep in their minds with Touchpoints.

Keep reading to see a  list of over 40 possible touchpoints you can use in your business now.

Many retail companies, however, can at times follow a different set of rules. They use the theory of scarcity marketing. This is what drives desire, brand power – and with it the entire luxury proposition outside the band of rationality. Platforms such as eBay and Amazon have been popular because people think they are going to miss out so will act fast. Scarcity is also paramount for luxury brands because, at the root of the very notion of luxury, supply must never outgrow demand. For more information on the powers of scarcity check out this article here.

Generally, the argument FOR touchpoint marketing is in the services industry who can’t exactly employ the scarcity method. Those companies need to be in the minds of their target audience ongoing through the awareness and sales cycle. This is where touch-points come into play. Service industries can also run deals and sales with a time limited offer so this in a sense is still scarcity and if a friend tells another friend thats a perfect touchpoint.

There are SO many ways to create touch-points with potential clients. Take the time to create quality touch-points, build relationships and establish trust. Then, when they are ready, you will get your sale or lead! 
People will make contact when they are ready. Not because you post one social ad.

Obviously, you want to get your brand out there. That is a no brainer! However, you might not know exactly how to do it effectively. The strategies that worked 5-years-ago might not work today. That’s because your brand needs three times more exposure to lead to customer engagement with the product or service.
Purchases come from trust and to form trust you first need touchpoints. While it may seem complicated, it’s quite simple. The touchpoint is the moment when the audience comes into contact with the brand name, so each time this happens, it’s another touchpoint.

There have been studies regarding how many touchpoints you need to create an actual lead. In 2013 and 2014, the number seemed to be around 5 to 6 touchpoints. Now, if you can believe it, it’s up to 15-20! These figures might now be exact for every case, but they do demonstrate a point. For one, people are a bit anesthetized to the brand ads in a way that they never were before. And two, that this is an opportunity for your business to get out there even more.

An example of the touchpoint process is as follows:

  1. An individual hears about your brand from someone else (word of mouth) or they see your website on Google while doing a search.
  2. They receive a social ad because they are a part of your remarketing audience and they like your page.
  3. The individual skims over your reviews.
  4. They start following you on Linkedin or Instagram.
  5. They then visit your website again and interacts with your content there
  6. Continues to see your posts (each post its own touchpoint)
  7. You then provide a free download to all of your followers (all they have to do is supply their email address and get it sent straight to their inbox)
  8. Continue to post on social media including reviews and praise from other clients/ customers
  9. Have a sale!
  10. The client either buys or makes an enquiry! THEY ENGAGE WHEN THEY ARE READY!

However, in the changing world, you need to figure out how to use the transitions to your advantage. For example, social media is proliferating, so don’t just focus there. Ensure you are advertising on all the social platforms. 

When it comes to remarketing, try to show your offers to the competitor’s website visitors in the form of ads. These ads can lead to actionable results. Also, e-mail marketing is another valuable method of getting a few touchpoints. While you don’t want to spam people, e-mail marketing is essential to becoming useful in this over-saturated digital marketing era. You can also run Google remarketing ads on Google search, Youtube, and even similar sites to yours. All of these tips will help you to get your brand exposure up.

It’s not necessarily easy in this day and age to be savvy at marketing. After all, it changes every year, and by the half-decade mark, specific methods might even be obsolete. This is why you either need to ensure you are staying on top of it all yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

So, if you think that someone will buy from you because they see your ad once… you are probably wrong. 

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Touchpoint Examples for your Business

☑ Social Media Post

☑ Google Search

☑ Newsletters

☑ Linkedin

☑ Facebook Posts & Ads

☑ Social Media Comments

☑ Direct Messages & SMS

☑ Zoom Calls

☑ Reviews & Recommendations

☑ Compliments and Complaints

☑ Subscriptions Renewals

☑ Billboards

☑ Email Marketing

☑ Newsletters

☑ Print Media

☑ Car Wraps

☑ Project Interactions

☑ Trade Shows

☑ Merchandise

☑ Word-of-mouth

☑ Gift Cards

☑ Billing Actions

☑ Podcast

☑ Radio

☑ Website Content

☑ Company Events

☑ Product Catalogues

☑ E-commerce

☑ Thank You Letters

☑ Facebook Messenger

☑ Product Interaction (pre-sales questions)

☑ Point of Sale

☑ Customer Onboarding

☑ Youtube

☑ Loyalty Programs

☑ Phone Calls

☑ Referrals

☑ Existing Customers

☑ Text Messages

☑ Google Ads

☑ Social Ads

☑ Customer Service & Support

☑ Product Feedback Surveys

☑ Self-Service Resources

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