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“RCS Digital has been instrumental in setting up my business online. Rob’s insight into my industry combined with his knowledge in web design and marketing was exactly what I needed to get started. He always has my best interest at heart. Provides professional ongoing support, is available when help is needed (like in covid19 shut-downs) plenty ideas or a camera for photos and videos. If you are looking for professional service that is still personal, I highly recommend RCS Digital.”


What once used to be as simple as renewing your Yellow Pages ad or relying on word of mouth, has now become a digital jungle where your business can disappear from the most effective referral in your industry; GOOGLE. At first, most sole traders and small to medium trade businesses try to wrap their head around SEO, AdWords, Social Media and throw money into the unknown hoping it converts to inquires. And let’s be honest, your expertise is your trade, good service and delivering promised results, not to be a digital marketing guru as well. Let that be our job. Our expertise is to take your website, social media and digital marketing and connect you straight to the fingertips of your local customers. We have developed a digital marketing service purely dedicated for Tradies to connect with customers within a 50km radius and increase your inquiries.

At RCS Digital, we believe in the power of good quality marketing to drive bottom-line results. Marketing support that’s tailored to suit the needs of your company and aligned to your unique goals. The most effective way to deliver your message to the right people at the right time, and convert that into business, is through an integrated multi-channel approach or fluid marketing. It’s what we do here at RCS, and we love it! Let us help you develop your business and level up your online presence! If your business is based in Newcastle, Sydney, the Central Coast NSW or anywhere in between we can help you! 

We help electricians, roofers, builders, construction industry, pool renovators, plumbers, painters, solar installers and all trades better manger their business with systems set up for growth and marketing to get better leads and sales. Schedule a free 15 minute call with RCS Digital today!

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70% of your customers are looking for you on their phone. The first step to growing your business with quality customers is a well-ranked website that looks great and is easy to use on a smartphone. Websites that rank well in Google for your trade or product within your local area will immediately drive new visitors to your page. We help your site get a better ranking when someone Google’s your trade and local suburb. Then it’s our job to help you use ‘conversion tactics’ that will turn these visitors to your site into a new lead or paying customer. Let us take care of that for you.

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What used to be an ad in the local paper or Yellow Pages has now all gone digital. Meaning advertising is now primarily done through Google Adwords, Social Media, local search optimisation and various other platforms. If done well, it can be the most cost-effective form of marketing and reach more customers. But if it all sounds confusing, then the good news is, we handle all those campaigns, graphics and reports for you. We have various packages that can cater to your business based on size and how big you want to get.

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At RCS Online, we are not just a set and forget service. We have the resources and expertise to offer ongoing support, revision of your campaigns, adjustments to your strategies and of course, maintain your results and reports. This allows us to grow your marketing as fast as your business grows. The first step is to contact us for a free phone consultation and devise the best next step to make your business the best it can be.

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We have options for all business sizes, big and small and can work within budgets. 

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Electrician Websites & SEO

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Online Marketing for Plumbers

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Better Google Rankings For Roofers


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At RCS Digital in Erina, we don’t muck around, we get the basic setups completed fast and then look at optimisation later once we understand more about your business through detailed reporting and competition analysis. Pricing is upfront with written quotes provided after our initial consultation. Talk to us today, it’s going to make a big difference going forward in your business.


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    Google Maps

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    Email Forms

    competitor tracking

    Competitor tracking

    social networking

    Social Networking

    Project manager

    Project Manager

    Website support

    24/7 Tech Support

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    Mobile friendly

    Detailed monthly reporting

    Detailed Monthly reports

    Keyword analysis

    Keyword Analysis

    Content writing

    Content writing

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