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Google Rankings Are The First Step To A Better Digital Marketing Strategy

Websites need to convert visitors into customers. What would be the point of running ads and getting visitors to your website or social media pages otherwise? If your website is not loading fast, secure, and well optimised with relevant content to the user’s search term, you will lose customers in seconds. Understanding that you get real value and protection for your business online, so a steady stream of enquiries and sales keep coming in.

You need to protect your organic rankings, and RCS Digital has the solutions. How secure is your website from hackers, and what would you do if your website disappeared overnight. Keep reading.

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Website Optimisation, Hosting & SEO

What you need to understand – The term SEO is thrown around a lot and it’s really not that well understood by business owners and their staff. People generally think it’s a few keywords on a page when in actual fact it’s way more than that. In a none competitive service industry as well as a local area its relatively easy however in eCommerce and competitive industries it takes time, effort and a lot of work to compete against your competition and their sometimes ridiculous Ad budgets.

Website optimisation, SEO and fast website hosting go hand in hand. The first step to better Online Marketing is a fast optimised and secure website. Before you even consider Google Ads, Facebook ads and SEO as the basis of your business marketing efforts, you need a fast well-optimised website. Google ranks websites on speed and security. However, website content, backlinks and various other criteria are also important.

Why? A faster website is better than a slow & a secure website keeps your customer’s data safe. Google scores these areas called “page score” and websites that have relevant landing content to ads cost less.

We are breaking it down here as best we can at RCS Digital, we focus on getting those basics right first. Below is more detailed information along with add-on options if required.

First Steps

The first steps to better Online Marketing and SEO start with the basics. Most people do not get even the basics right and have no idea their staff have it wrong. At RCS Digital, we will provide you as a business owner with the reports and tools to track success and support you in managing and growing your business.

Website Speed: For a fast website, you need several setups done well initially. Quality localised hosting, website code optimisation, image size optimisation, caching, file compression and more.

Maintenance & Security: You need to protect your online customer’s personal data as best you can. By keeping your website software up to date you are doing just that. Also, run virus scanners and have a backup plan if things go bad from a hack. Websites get hacked all the time so you need a plan. Google also scans your site and will drop the site if it finds Malware inserted by a hacker.

Keyword Research & Tracking: Research is vital in the page building phase. Writing content that people don’t search for is a waste of time. Research, write and then track those keyword phrases and topics ongoing is the key to keeping your business on top in organic search.

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Fast Hosting + Website Optimisation Package

More than just hosting. RCS hosting is up there with the fastest and most secure hosting for WordPress with remote daily backups and more

As we have discussed above RCS Digital will host your website on fast servers, install software to scan your site ongoing, run ongoing updates and also track and report on the keywords your business survives on ongoing. Initially, there might be some setup costs depending on the state of your current website.

RCS Digital offer a free 15-minute consultation as well as a detailed website audit/report to get you started.


Fast Cloud Hosting

Website on Fast Cloud Hosting

A slow website is costing you money. Forget slow and cheap US servers. They are costing you more in sales

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Website Software & System Maintenance

Your website software will be kept up to date and secure to protect your customer's data and privacy.

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Data Centre

Our Cloud Servers are connected around the world including a localised Sydney data centre.

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Extra security
with Cloudflare

We will run your website through Cloudflare for added speed and security.

Are you and your staff just to busy?


* We have included 30 Minutes per month of website updates in our hosting packages. The small print. Includes page text and image updates not coding and development work. We are happy to make those text changes for you via email or our support management system. Simply email us and we will make those changes for you.

Optional: Digital Marketing Services

RCS Digital are specialists in Google Rankings (SEO) and Google Ads Management. We also offer advice via consultation for content creation and social media management. Grow your business with us today!

Bundled Packages – Save Up To 40%

By combining the individual services below into one multi-channel digital marketing package you can save up to 40%.
Get in touch for a quote.

  • Google Rankings Optimisation (SEO)
  • Local Google Rankings
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Business Profiler
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Ad Management
  • Hosting & Software Maintenance
  • Website Updates
Example of a Bundled Package:
  • 5 Keyword Local SEO Package
  • Hosting & Website Maintenance
  • Email Support Ticketing System
  • Weekly Keyword Tracking Report
  • Advice on Content Required for the website ongoing
  • Social Media Posting Strategy
  • Reputation Management
  • Review Generation Platform
  • Competition Ad Spend Reporting – Monthly report
  • 30 minutes of website page updates per month
Example – $447+GST Per Month

Combined into one monthly invoice. Get in touch for more details and to book a strategy session.

Organic & Local Search Optimisation

Organic SEO packages include hosting on a fast VPS server, reporting, keyword research & one hour of web page updates per month to add new content onto your site & share to social media channels. 

  • Initial SEO Setups (Benchmarking & competition analysis) $397 one-off
  • Local SEO $347 per month (per location)
  • Organic SEO (5 Keywords) $497 per month
  • Organic SEO (10 Keywords $747 per month
  • Organic SEO (20 Keywords) $947 per month

$89 Hosting Package is included in all SEO Packages. As mentioned above this includes website maintenance, speed and security updates ongoing.

Google Ads (Initial Setup)

  • Adwords Initial Setup (standard search) $447
  • Adwords Initial Setup (display & audience with the graphic design) $747

Google Ads (Ongoing Maintenance)

The client pays Google directly for clicks/costs incurred. 

  • Adwords Maintenance (standard text ads only) $347 per month
  • Adwords Maintenance (Standard text and image ads) $447 per month
  • Adwords (Includes targeted video ads and remarketing audiences) $647 per month

Please Note The Savings By Bundling Services:

  1. Website Hosting Package at $89 per month is included in Google Ad Fees
  2. 10 keyword SEO packages and above Google ad management is free.
  3. We encourage you to use these savings for additional daily budget payable to Google.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

  • Initial consultation & ad strategy plan $247
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Management $447 per month
  • Content and Ad creation (Content provided by client) $97 per hour
  • Video & Photography POA
  • Graphic Design POA

A marketing budget is required to boost ads to target audiences. Client to provide content of offers, deals, graphics and video or we can do it for you.

Social Media Posting

Do you need help managing your social media platforms and getting information out to your target audience? RCS Digital can help!

  • Basic retainer to manage social media post scheduling, $447 per month
    strategy planning, consulting and support.
  • Ad creation & content including video content $97 per hour
  • Posting platforms (Hootsuite, Later, Postify) POA
  • Community Management $97 per hour
  • Social media business page setups (per page) $97 each
  • Hourly rate for all other work required $97 per hour

Prices increased with additional services ie. content creation, ads management, photography, video production etc. Talk to us about package options.

Professional Graphic Design

Logos, Facebook banners, advertising material, Google image ads etc From $97 for a text and icon logo. Facebook banners etc from $27

Casual Rates – Website updates and development

  • Standard HTML page updates (1 hour blocks) $77 per hour
  • Coding & programming (minimum 1 hour) $97 per hour
  • Meetings, training & support plus travel time (hourly) $97 per hour
Depending on the complexity of updates and coding. Tasks will need to be assigned to relevant team members and tracked in Asana.com for time management and invoicing.

Shopping Cart System Setups

If you require a shopping cart or catalogue system we can look after you from setup only to advanced shopping cart platforms with thousands of products. Talk to us today about your unique requirements.

Examples of shopping cart platforms we have setup include:





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