What Is Video Marketing for Business and How Do I Do It?

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Do you want to find a new way to engage visitors on your website and social profiles? Are you interested in finding different ways to advertise your products and services? Could your content marketing plan use something new to spice things up?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you need video marketing for business.

It’s estimated that 78% of people watch video content online every week and that 72% of people like looking at videos to learn more about businesses.

Video marketing for businesses involves the use of videos for marketing and branding purposes. Thanks to modern technology it’s easier than ever for businesses to make videos. Camera phones and free editing tools are simple enough to use that anyone can make quality videos.

Do you want to start doing video content marketing for your business? Follow these tips so you can start making engaging video content today!

Repurpose Existing Content

Some businesses are reluctant to start video marketing because they don’t know what to create videos of. The truth is that most businesses already have plenty of content they can use for videos. A lot of the content on your website and blog can be repurposed for video content.

Start off by repurposing some of your most popular blog posts into videos. If you work off of content that’s already proven to be popular with your audience, you’re working with content that’s more likely to be shared and commented on.

Keep It Short and Sweet

You don’t have to make movie-length videos in order to create engaging video marketing content. In fact, the shorter you can make your videos the better your content can perform.

People have notoriously short attention spans, and that’s especially true when it comes to content on the internet. If your videos are too long people could disengage with the content if they become bored.

It may take some time to properly cover certain topics, but you should still aim to keep your videos short. Unless you’re doing an in-depth walkthrough on a difficult subject, keeping your videos to a few minutes long is a good practice to get into.

Don’t Rely on Sound

It may seem strange to make videos without sound, but making videos that can be easily understood without having to hear them is a great content marketing strategy.

Creating videos that can work with or without sound gives viewers a choice on how they want to interact with your content. Aim to make a video that someone can enjoy if they’re watching it on the go without access to headphones or if they’re at their computer.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that people are going to be watching your videos at their desk or on a laptop. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones a lot of people view content on their phones, and that’s especially true for younger audiences.

Filming videos in portrait mode instead of landscape mode can make it easier to view your videos on phones. Also, if you plan on posting videos directly on your website, make sure you use a responsive video player that can work in a mobile setting.

Get Help With Video Marketing for Business

If you decide to start video marketing for business, you don’t have to do it alone.  We’re experts when it comes to all things related to marketing.

Whether you have ideas around the content you want to create or need to start from scratch, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today so we can start building your video marketing plan.

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