Why Should I Choose WooCommerce For My Shopping Cart?

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Why Should I Choose WooCommerce For My Shopping Cart?



WooCommerce provides a very simple, easy and effective e-commerce platform which creates shopping cart integration with a WordPress website. It powers 37% of all shopping stores.



WooCommerce will grow with you from selling one product to thousands. Unlike other cloud shopping cart solutions, you will have full access to the source code of your website. You are not limited to what can be coded on your site if you need additional functionality as your business grows. You can also move your site to another hosting platform if you wish in the future and take all your data with you easily. You might not realise it yet but this is a huge factor in why choosing WordPress and WooCommerce is a smart move.



WooCommerce is extremely flexible with the capability of integrating your store into a totally different type of sales vehicle. This blending of resources gives the marketer a very broad range of new capabilities whether promoting a single new product, or a complete line of merchandise. WooCommerce also offers you many more sales possibilities because of its versatility and is scalable. Check out the WooCommerce plugins page to get ideas on exactly what can be achieved.



WooCommerce stores can be customised in a number of ways which offers you the flexibility to keep up with changing times, trends, and technologies. Flexibility is key because there are so many different ways to interact with your target audience or to reach different audiences. Different people will respond to different types of marketing media. WooCommerce and WordPress offer you the versatility to appeal to them all.



You can also integrate the use of different software options to create a unique, functional, effective shopping cart which can be modified or upgraded to meet any current need, or make a statement about your brand, or product. Integration with popular cloud-based software like Mailchimp, Stripe, Australia post for shipping rates and accounting software is a breeze.



Lots of WooCommerce extensions are free of charge. In order to collect payments from your customers, you also don’t need a merchant account. Merchant accounts are generally costly because banks will charge high monthly processing fees along with a percentage of all sales that you make. Many will charge yearly renewal, as well as compliance fees.

WooCommerce utilises PayPal which is the most popular medium for online transactions. You can add the capability of accepting credit card payments by using stripe.com. This is a plugin which accepts credit card payments directly from your WordPress website easily. You can also set up Bank transfer and COD payments if you wish amongst other options.



Shipping of your products can be as easy or as complicated as you need. From free to set shipping rates to Australia post plugins and many other shipping options including table rate shipping to have different shipping costs per product and zones.

It’s seriously worth have a look at WooCommerce, since it integrates with WordPress which Google loves (when set up correctly), and is an easy to use and update shopping cart platform.



Looking for an e-commerce website builder for your business? Talk to us today and we will help you with WooCommerce. We offer a full management service or we can install the software and provide training only on how to add products.

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