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4 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Shopping Cart to Sell 24/7

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E-commerce sales worldwide jumped 4% in the year 2020 compared to 2019, boasting 26.7 trillion dollars in sales! The global pandemic brought traditional shopping methods to a halt, causing many businesses to pivot to online sales and create a digital shopping cart.

If you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar business or starting an online business from scratch, you may be unfamiliar with how to run an online store. The world of e-commerce is profitable, but you’ll need to equip your business with the best tools to set up a smooth digital shopping experience.

The most important of these tools for e-commerce? A digital shopping cart. Keep reading for the top 4 reasons a digital shopping cart can help your business.

1. Lower Costs

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you know having a storefront comes with a lot of costs. You have to meet rent every month or pay off a mortgage, as well as upkeep the building and pay utilities to keep the store’s lights on.

What if you could cover those costs with profits from online sales? Or eliminate those costs altogether by transitioning fully to e-commerce?

Startup costs for e-commerce businesses are significantly cheaper than opening a storefront. An online store will cost you only for your web domain, web design, and web development service to establish your e-commerce site. Installing just a digital shopping cart will be even less.

2. Open 24/7

With a digital shopping cart, your business is open at all hours. You can attract the busy customer with no time or ability to drive to a store or the night owl on a late-night shopping binge. That means more opportunities for income!

And there’s no need to hire employees during this time. Your shopping cart will handle all of the business for you at all hours of the day. So whether you’re busy, out of town, or even asleep at night, you can still make sales.

3. International Sales

Another perk to your 24/7 digital shopping cart is the opportunity to expand your business internationally. Setting up an e-commerce business makes your product accessible in all time zones around the world!

Many people use search engines to find the products they’re looking for. Why count out your business by not having your goods available online- optimized for anyone to find? Worldwide access to your business can bring in a whole new market of consumers with the potential for massive growth.

4. Improve Your Image

With an online store, you get to be in charge of a customer’s first impressions of your business. You can showcase your products how you choose by alerting visitors to your new or best products right on the front page or indicating a sale section.

Quality pictures of your products and vivid product descriptions will also help you influence the customer’s decision to add to cart. Check out more of our ideas on how to improve your company’s online image.

Tips for Adding a Digital Shopping Cart

So how do you get started setting up a digital shopping cart for your e-commerce business? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use a trustworthy platform to discourage cart abandonment
  • Accept forms of payment beyond credit cards like Paypal or Square
  • Offer free shipping whenever you can

At RCS Digital, we offer many of these amenities as part of our digital shopping carts as well as other add-ons to improve your customer’s e-commerce experience.

Get Your Digital Shopping Cart Today

Just as you would hire builders and designers for your storefront business, the same goes for setting up your e-commerce business.

Let the professionals at RCS Digital install a digital shopping cart for your business, a worthy investment. Get in touch with us for a free 15-minute strategy call today!

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