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Why You Need Fast Cloud Based Hosting For Your Website

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Are you still using an in-house server to host your website? With all the benefits of fast cloud based hosting, it’s probably time to make the switch.

We’ve put together a full guide below to the benefits of using the cloud so you can review the advantages before you make your decision. From customizable storage sizing to faster speeds, you’ll increase your business capabilities with cloud based hosting.

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Cloud Based Hosting: Do I Need It?

If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need cloud based website hosting?” then the answer is yes. One of the worst things that can happen when you’re using in-house servers is that your site can go down unexpectedly. Unless you have a great plan to get them back online right away, then you need the benefits of cloud based website hosting.

Cloud based hosts have backup generators in case of outages. Often they also restart automatically and report diagnostic information back to on-call techs who can make sure the problems don’t happen again. You’ll have less downtime, and you’ll have an easier time recovering from an outage.


When you have fast cloud based website hosting, your website data delivery is faster for your customers. This includes any videos or photos, as well as audio files you have on your site. They use whatever server is closest so there are minimal delays.

Another of the cloud based website hosting advantages is that it’s fast to set up. If you’re switching from an in-house server, you’ll appreciate the ease and speed with which you can make the change and be up and running.

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Accessible Anywhere

One of the best benefits of cloud based website hosting is that you can access your website from anywhere. You don’t have to be at your in-house server to make changes to your website.

This gives you an edge over the competition and makes it so you can manage your business from all over the globe. Harness a seamless business approach when you use cloud based website hosting.


Cloud hosting is just as secure as any other style of hosting. However, due to fear related to new technologies, many businesses struggle with the idea of not having their data and storage in-house. But not to fear! As long as you have a unique username (other than the default ‘Admin’), enforce strong passwords (that aren’t used anywhere else) and are using HTTPS in your URL you are on your way to a more secure website.


The thing with website security is that it is not a set and forget task, it is a continuous process that evolves over time. 

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Customize Storage Size

When you have web hosting on a server, you’re limited to certain storage capacities. The server can only handle so much, and if you want more space you have to upgrade and pay more. With cloud based website hosting, you can help your marketing efforts by customizing your storage size.

When your website is hosted in the cloud, you have the benefits of multiple servers and more storage availability. That means you can have as much storage as you need, and easily upgrade your plan when you’re ready. Never pay for more storage than your business requires.

Critical Services

Using cloud based hosting affords you benefits like a fast conversion from your in-house server and fast data delivery to your customers. It also enables you to customize your storage needs, have more uptime and faster recovery from an outage. Access your website anywhere to make changes, too.

Get in touch with us to get started with your cloud based website hosting today!

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