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Whether you have an existing business website or want one designed from scratch, RCS Digital highly recommends you consider WordPress as your preferred content management system. There’s a reason that we think one of the smartest strategic decisions a business owner wanting to create an online business can make is to choose WordPress as their CMS platform. Aside from being a well-established and popular service, WordPress has been around for many years and has a huge customer base worldwide, making it suitable for businesses of any size and very well supported online.


Google loves WordPress

When working online, you definitely want targeted traffic to your site. WordPress can feature an excellent plug-in called Yoast SEO. All you have to do is create great content that is unique and includes a specific focus keyword per page. Yoast will test your content and ensure that your content is easily readable for your keywords. Yoast also helps with landing page optimisation to test headlines, content and images for better landing page conversions.


Exploit a unique design

Online marketing is very competitive, and every business owner dreams to stand out. You need your visitors to have something to remember. This is why you need a unique and outstanding website. With a professional hand, you can custom code WordPress sites and provide unique designs. The process is not complicated, and by hosting WordPress on your server, you can make the necessary modifications because you will have access to all source code.


Loads of plug-ins

With WordPress, you have thousands of prebuilt plugins you can choose from to help suit your needs and preferences. Its gets better as the process is also cost-friendly when developing your site as long as you identify exactly what your needs are. You can add shopping carts allowing users to use different payment options with stripe or integration with accounting software such as Xero. You can install lots of different features to create an incredible user experience.


You’re not limited to WordPress

If you feel like WordPress is not for you, or if you feel like a better platform has come up to meet your needs and preferences, you can always opt-out. This does not mean that you will lose all your hard work and content if you choose a different platform. It allows for exportation of all your content.

You have nothing to lose with WordPress.

WordPress empowers, it is that simple.

The best thing about the WordPress CMS is that you don’t have to have a developer’s level of knowledge and expertise to customise your website to your exact needs. The basic idea behind WordPress is to simplify the design and maintenance of websites for either personal or business use.

Not all business owners have advanced knowledge of web development. This is where the benefits and features of WordPress come in. In short, it provides the average business owner with a well-designed website that can set them apart from the competition and see them leveraging the advantageous opportunities afforded by online marketing much quicker than if they were to wait for a custom site to be built.

WordPress empowersBeing an open-source platform, WordPress is free for anyone to use. Since you don’t have to pay for the CMS, you will have more of your budget available to be spent on customising your business’ website.

The massive popularity of WordPress as a business-focused CMS is due to the wide array of benefits that it affords users.

There are too many benefits to mention in one short post, but among the most important are:

  • Its user-friendly design and interface and intuitive content management features.
  • Its wide range of plugins and widgets available for users who are not developers saves them from paying developers to customise their business website. Whatever you need to enhance and create a better visitor experience is usually available as a widget or plug-in, from adding social media widgets to adding a photo gallery.
  • The Google search engine loves WordPress.
  • A business is not limited to a restricted number of website pages. These are simple and quick to add on anytime.
  • Business owners have the choice of maintaining the website themselves or outsourcing this to expert help.
  • With the huge user base, there is also easy access to comprehensive support and references available on how WordPress operates and solutions to most problems you’ll encounter.

Due to the growing popularity of WordPress, we found that more and more people were asking us how to get started on the platform. This led us to think about offering a basic guide for beginners to help them get more confident with WordPress.

We must point out that this is simply a beginner’s guide. The true secrets of WordPress will only become apparent to you through a process of trial and error and experimenting with the platform.

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Website Audit

RCS Websites will audit your current WordPress site for updated versions, security tweaks, recommended plugins and hosting recommendations.

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SEO Research

We will research the best keywords to target each website page and implement a strategy to rank better in the search engines.

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We Design

Your website should stand out from the crowd and have a point of difference. It should not look like millions of other websites out there. With WordPress, you have full control of design, and we can even work with your current graphic designer to keep all your branding consistent.

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Get Rewarded

Get it right and listen to our advice 100% and Google will reward you with more sales, leads and enquiries. Talk to us about the search engine benefits of using WordPress today.

Our Case Studies

Safe Guard Flooring (Mark Gately)

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Mark Gately had a business website created that cost him a substantial amount of money. After a year he found out that it had no presence on the web. He conducted his own search on Google and gave up trying to find it after landing on page 9 of Google’s results pages without any luck. He contacted us at RCS Websites and we were able to help him in rebuilding his website (putting up a temporary page until the website was ready). In a short space of time Mark saw a boost in business opportunities with a daily increase in sales leads.


Wordpress Websites - water to go

The goal for Pure Natural Spring Water was to increase new customers as well as boost sales leads. After conducting an online search, the website owners contacted RCS websites for SEO services. After an initial consultation about a development strategy and with regular feedback on the progress of the optimisation process the website began to produce the desired results with the owners seeing an increase in the number of interested prospects calling.

Weekend Warrior Outdoors – Erina NSW (Carmen & Chad Pace)

Wordpress Websites - southern spit roast

Once RCS Websites took over the SEO management of Weekend Warrior Outdoors website – a service that includes Adwords management, hosting and website maintenance – sales have increased significantly. “We are now ranking on the first page organically and showing up in the local and ads section of Google. We could not ask for better service from Rob at RCS Websites”.

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