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How to Write Seductive Sales Copy

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Gone are the days when a sales copy was all about science; describing the product and outlining the features. Today, it is an art, and a beautiful one too if properly written. You must understand that you’re not just describing. You are selling. It must be rich, exciting and compelling too. Writing a sales copy that sells requires a lot of attention to details. But it’s not just about details of the product. You should know how to connect with your readers in a compelling manner.

This guide will teach you how to write a seductive sales copy. Copywriting for campaigns has become a professional craft in recent years. It requires great tact and imagination. You should be able to transport your audience from the world they’re into the world they want to have, where their dreams have become a reality. Help them visualize what using your product can do for them. In all of this, the goal is to get them to make a buying decision so you must include a call to action.

Let’s look at some tips that can help you write a seductive sales copy

12 Tips to Writing a Seductive Sales Copy

Find a Super Idea

It is true that you already have your product or service that you want to write about. However, you still need a great idea on how to approach your copy. It is usually encapsulated in your headline which must scream. Your headline must focus on a big idea which should usually be the biggest benefit of the product. Great brands like Apple understand this technique and have used it over the years. Your headline should focus on one thing and not try to say too many things at the same time.

The idea is what sells the copy. Once you’re able, to begin with a super idea, every other thing becomes easy. You already have a roadmap- like a needle that takes your thread through a fabric seamlessly. Do not use a headline that won’t arouse curiosity. You should pick a headline that states what you intend to do in a way that keeps them guessing and wanting to find out what you have to say. Whether you’re a copywriter or you’re just a business owner, you need to understand how important this is and demand quality.

Use Short, Easy-to-Read Sentences

KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) used to be a rule of writing. I said ‘used to’ because I don’t remember the last time I heard that word, used as an acronym. The general idea is still relevant today though. Communication is only achieved if you’re able to effectively communicate your thought. Your reader needs to understand what you’re saying. That is why you should keep it short and simple. Unless extremely necessary, avoid complex and compound sentences.

Make your thoughts flow coherently. I shouldn’t have to go over a sentence 3 or 4 times before I understand what you’re saying. The general tip is to keep every sentence under 20 words. But it’s not just about sentences. You should make details of your copy easy to understand. Be flowery and dramatic; use alluring adjectives and words that captivate, but keep jargons away as much as possible. Only use jargons and technical words when there’s no simpler way to say it. But it’s English- there’s always a simpler way.

When I do write copies for my numerous clients, I like to use staccato. One-word sentences are a craft I have come to master. I know how they make me feel when I see them in copies. And so I know you’d feel that way too. Intrigued. Captivated. Connected. But all of these depend on what words you use and how you use them.

Use Stories to Captivate Your Audience

I love stories. I remember one time I read a story about a woman’s dog that strayed away and was found after 6 years. She was only supposed to tell me why I should buy a dog camera, but she had to tell me her personal experience. It was touching and very emotional. See, I just told you one too. That story helped me understand one reason a dog camera is important. There are so many other sales copies written that way too. Stories help you connect with your readers. Stories help them to visualize and see the product work.

It is important that you tell the real stories. Maybe something that happened to you or someone close to you that relates to what you’re writing about.

Be Imaginative

Ever built a skyscraper with your mind? Trust me, I have. More than a thousand times. Don’t ever doubt the power of imagination. You can’t imagine what you can create with it- it’s limitless. If you can take that power of imagination and put it in your writing, there’s nothing you cannot achieve. If you can make people imagine using your product, they will more than likely want to own it. That’s according to a new research on sales copywriting.

This is where your descriptive prowess comes to bare. But in describing, you should be telling how every feature serves a particular need. Don’t just tell me that your camping mattress is inflatable. Tell me that I can fold it up and store in a carry bag because it’s inflatable. I want to know how your product makes it easy for me to do things and not just what it possesses. In giving such descriptions, your language must be alluring, exciting and active. Be sure not to try too hard. Just let it flow naturally.

Address Real Issues/Problems

I have touched a bit of this factor but let me explain it further. It is expected that a reader has landed on your page because he needs answers. He probably has a problem that he wants a solution to. Don’t say “this cot is lightweight”. Instead, say “its light weight makes it easy to move around, even by a single person”. Also, don’t say “an air fryer requires little or no oil to make your meals”. Say “you can be sure of a healthy meal with an air fryer because you don’t need all that oil”.

This is what differentiates a smart sales copy from the descriptive essays you find all over the Internet. A sales copy addresses the problem of the reader, while a boring copy describes the product. You should sell your copy.

Don’t Shy away from Comparisons

You should also know that a potential customer would likely have seen other similar products. The only reason he’s on your page is that he needs to know if you have something better. In writing your sales copy, you must highlight what you have noticed about your competitors and tell your reader what makes your product better. This isn’t only about what their products lack. You should also point out what they have and how your product has a better version.

“The best battery power you can find elsewhere on the market is 7000 mAH. This phone comes with a 9000 mAH battery power that keeps you going for up to 36 hours.” You can go ahead and be specific if you’re really sure. Telling people what makes your product better than the rest can be the determining factor for readers. Also, you may be introducing a new version of a product into the market. Let us know why version 6.0 is better than 5.0. Be sure to tell us what additions and upgrades have been done.

Make it about Your Reader

The most important component in your sales copy is your reader. Don’t ever underestimate the value of “you”. If you carefully look through this copy, you may not be able to tell how many times the word “You” appears. This is just the way I write. I have written this article for you so I best address you as I should. As much as I am talking about writing a seductive sales copy, you’re the one that needs to read it. This is one of the many “power words” we have in copywriting.

The text should be focused more on the reader than on the product. There are other power words that you have to adapt depending on what you’re writing about.

Be Conversational

No matter how professional your copy has to be, it must elicit humanity. You’re writing for humans like you so you should ensure you create a social context within your text. Be conversational. Write as though you’re talking to your reader’s face to face. Just make the text easy to read. A sales copy is about selling. It is not an exam. So don’t write to impress. Just say what you need to say in the simplest words possible.

Use the words “I”, “You”, “Your” and “We” as much as necessary. Remember you’re writing to your customers and there’s no point being all formal.

Overcome Possible Objections

Note that your readers are smart people. If they weren’t, they won’t be on your page. As much as they need to know, most readers visit your site with some reservations playing in their heads. They will most likely have objections to some things you’ll say. You must anticipate and be ready to overcome them as they come up. Just like you would when you read a sales copy, figure out the claims that they’d most likely reject and treat them convincingly.

If you’re not sure what their objections could be, ask people around you. Once you have them, write them down and address them carefully.

Use Interesting Analogies

Analogies are important when you need to simplify abstract features or qualities. Simply put, it is using the known to describe or explain the unknown. A statement like “the wheels of this dog stroller are very sturdy, just like those on a road bike” is a good example. Such analogies help your reader understand better. This can also make it easy for them to make a decision about whether to buy or not. But even with these analogies, you should ensure you clearly express the benefit of each feature.

Apple did something I love in the sales copy of their iPhone 5. It says; “the quality of FaceTime video calls is so surprising, it’s as if you’re in the same room with whoever’s on the other end”. This same copy I just referred to is an exemplary sale copy that many copywriters are using as a benchmark.

Use Technical Information to Enhance your Credibility

This doesn’t necessarily mean technical jargons. It only means you should authenticate your copy with authority opinion and actual technical knowledge. For instance, you could provide information from the FDA in the course of telling them how safe your product is. Also, you can talk about ergonomics and how it is a concept in kinetics and engineering to aid man’s use of a machine. There are so many ways to do this. Just be sure all of it is emphasizing the relevance of your product.

Using the technical information to buttress your point makes your copy more believable and would more likely lead to a sale. It shows that you can back your claims with what the industry experts or regulatory bodies have stipulated.

Provide a Persuasive Call to Action

In asking a customer to buy, you must also respect that it’s his decision to buy or not. However, your call to action must stand out. It must be specific and clearly encourage them to buy. Be sure to provide links for your call to actions, so that they are redirected to a shopping page. In case they’re not ready to buy, you should provide alternative actions such as “Read More here”, or “Add to Wishlist”. And just in case the reader isn’t convinced enough, the next page you’ve directed him to should help do the rest.

“Shop Now”, “Shop Online”, and “Visit a Store” are examples of Call to Actions you can use. What’s the essence of a sales copy if you’re not going to sell the product? However, all of these will also not work if you have not been able to convince the reader to buy.


I have just given you some tips on how to write seductive sales copy. There may be some other tips you can adopt, but these ones are the major factors you must work on. A sales copy is about speaking your heart and desire to your reader. It should tell them more about your knowledge of their frustration and how your product can overcome them. It may take some time but you’ll get there. Your copy can be seductive too.

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